Introduce yourself!

In game I go by Reila, but you can also call me Reverend. I've been playing pso since gamecube, I've played PSO ep.1-4 as well as being a grinder mogul in PSU. I'm looking forward to finding some way to make the market mine here on Ship 1, and looking good while I do it. Female CAST bouncer/force.

Thrashinuva here. Will join the game once it hits PC. Hopefully that's soon.

I played the original English beta waaaaaay back when they still intended to launch the game so many years ago. Been playing the JP servers the whole time until now, off and on.

My first game in the series was Phantasy Star IV on the Sega Genesis, and then the first PSO in its re-release on Gamecube, and then eventually Blue Burst later on.

I want to take the chance now to play full support to help out all the new players. We'll see if I can manage to do that before they all get good before PC launch happens.

Hello Souhara here I've been playing pso on and off since dreamcast, I've played JPN PSO 2 for a while and decide to make the jump here i'm always looking to make new friends here ...because playing solo gets old i

Hello all. Im up for a party runs look me up

Hi, i'm Scerms. I played PSO on Dreamcast, and man, did I love it! Had about 2000 hours in and later migrated to GameCube PSO ep1/2 and even 3 (that Card game) . I was totally hyped when PSO2 came out in japan, unfortunately never managed to create an account. When I heard it will come out in na , i jumped up and down two hours straight...Bought an Xbox just for this game two weeks ago and totally addicted again. I would love to meet oldschool pso gamers who take their time and even like to chat with the Keyboard, just like in the old days. See you on ship3 Thorne.

Sorry for my bad english, i live in Germany. Greetz, Scerms

Hey guys! I go by Yuria or Jay in-game. I just recently started my pso2 journey Friday and I'm currently sporting a lv 70 hunter. I would like to meet some friends and just socialize and take my time learning the game while more content releases while I get all my classes leveled. Been playing solo :(. On Ship 2! My character name is also Yuria so add me if you see me!

I will probably switch to PC if and when that probably releases lolz

Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast was my first Phantasy Star game back in 2001. I personally enjoyed most of the Phantasy Star games that came in America!

Welcome everyone! The team and I can't wait to have PC players making entries in this forum and joining our community!!!

Hey All!

My in game name is KarlosTheJackal but just call me Karlos or Jackal 🙂

I started playing Phantasy Star back on my Master System and loved it, went from PS1 and PS2 then didn't play any others until PSO on my Dreamcast which i loved, followed that to Blue Burst on the PC which I'm still refusing to let go off! Found a way to install the NA Beta and as such the full game here in the UK so jumped into the world of PSO2.

Still trying to get to grips with everything but slowly getting there 🙂

Hello all! My name is Tony and although I've been a fan since PSO came out on the Gamecube, I am brand new to PSO2 and still finding my footing here.

I am looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals and looking to get back to the grind that is PSO2.

Hello fellow Arks. My online handle has been Visika for a long time, but I've had all manner of embarrassing handles over the years. So generally, I'm in game as Visika or some play on the word.

I started the pso series on the dreamcast as a cast hunter wielding daggers. I later played pso card revolution on the GameCube. That was fun too. I later played Psu on the ps2, but never played it online. I enjoyed the story, and the saber/handgun combo alot. But I think I ended up playing force towards the end of my time with psu. Then last, I was on jp pso2 when it first began, having a lvl 30 cap and 3 classes. I played ranger as a human, and after breaking from the game for some time, I went back and started a duemen. I've pretty much been a gunner since. Even in Napso2, I'm currently a Gu/Hu on ship 2 and enjoying having the game in my lap again waiting for Hero to come out. I am also excited for pc Launch and will be moving back to pc whether the game is cross save or not. I'm hoping getting back into keyboard and mouse will not prove too painful. Lol.

Hit me up in game.

Hello All! I just downloaded the game for the very first time!!! so I'm definitely new to the entire francize. I am playing the game on Xbox One. My GamerTag is L89Zero. Character name Kirinagi.

I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about this game and maybe get good enough to join some parties!!!

Hi all, name is Steve! Been playing since the Dreamcast, where I made my first CAST- PoisonLotus. Between a japanese Ps4 account and the import on PC, I have been playing Pso2 specifically for about 5 years; Ranger/Hunter build primarily before the NA beta came out (Soooo glad I don't have to make another SEGA ID ughhh lol).

I'm on Ship 2 on both the import (PoisonLotus2.0) and NA (PoisonLotusV4)- hopefully some of you may see me around sometime 🙂

Outside of playing Pso2 (and work fulltime), I try to just get out and enjoy the air whenever possible for road trips around NY, and also collect old Sega Saturn fighting games.

@GM-Deynger Yes. Please hurry. o -o


My name is Mirkat. I'm new to PSO2 as of the beginning of April. Been filling my quarantine days with it when I'm not drawing or depression napping. I enjoy anime, and video games. Uhm... I have two cats. OH and my pronouns are They/Them (pls) If you see a small red head named Anedre, that's me. 💗