Introduce yourself!


Zephireis Here, Can't wait to grace this version of the game with my presence.

See you all soon.

Teneleven Here.

I'm Born; a male CAST on Ship 1: Ur.

Started with Phantasy Star Universe in 2006 and dabbled in PSO2JP from 2012 - 2017. I'm excited to make new friends, progress my character and take on all of the challenges PSO2 throws at me and my allies!

Hello! I'm Maple (Or QBlockGaming, your choice!)

I'm a Phantasy Star veteran, I've been playing the Phantasy Star series since I was a kid but didn't get that serious into it until Phantasy Star Online released on Dreamcast! I'm a huge fan of the series now, and have played every game in the series extensively!

I'm really excited for the US release, and I've been playing the Japanese version of PSO2 for years and years now thanks to the translation, and I'm even more excited to share the knowledge I've gained with new players for the NA release!!

I also make content on youtube under the name questionblockgaming, and on twitch with the name qblockgaming. I stream PSO2! you should come check it out sometime!

I'm Zarozian. I play as a CAST. I'll be going for the Hero job. I will most likely be on Ship 02 with the other veteran players from PSO2 JP.

I'm Angel! I play 2 CASTs named MSS.AICA and Yami (they are tiny and adorable) and 1 Human named Orange. It's a branding thing... I played in the Japanese servers originally, starting at EP2 up to EP 5 and on and off in 6... and I always have an open party for helping other players with their client orders. I also remember teaching a fair handful of players how to run their TACOs, so if you have questions about those feel free to let me know! And if you see me in the lobby, I'm pretty openly friendly, I'll wave and junk at you if you say Hi!


I'm a content creator and person who sometimes draws. I can be found on Ship 1 sporting the male CAST look. Ship 4 is also looking mighty nice after the OBT.

See you folks around~

I have been playing PSO2 JP since their open beta. I remember so much trial and error attempting to figure out what the buttons did because I did not know the language and the tweaker did not exist. I was absent most of the last 2 years on PSO2 JP.

I’ve recreated Athena and Apollo on PSO2 NA and am looking forward to playing with friends who never made it to PSO2 JP. I main Te/Fo support build on Athena and Bo/Hu on Apollo.

Player ID is Mythic, feel free to reach out anytime!

PS... I miss all my stuff on PSO2 JP..

I'm ☆Starlight on the JP server, aka known as the bird lady who terrorize Ship 2.

Now...I'm going to terrorize NA's ship 2 🙊

Hope to play with everyone on Ship 2 once PC comes. I will still be maining Bo/Br jetboots with 1k+ DeX.

Hello people. Been playing since Dreamcast days, then mostly on GameCube and onto Blue Burst. Played a bit of JP PSO2 as well. PSO was my favourite online game of all time until I started playing the Monster Hunter series. Glad PSO2 has finally found its way West. I'm on the beta as Ithildin, ship2. Others may know me as Ithildin on the PSU forums and PSOW. Good to be back.


Streamer. Hit me up for my info. Started with PSO on the gamecube. Played PSU on the Xbox. Been trying to play this when It was on the jp servers only but couldn't get that going. I am so happy that we get to play this now. Hit me up for shared adventures. My in game is Alikyi_Force... cuz Im a force. Here is my discord:

Ya'll can call me Neko. JP Only player that's just here to interact with NA and help ya'll out when I can. Been playing JP since 2012/13 time period. Im a regular out on the Phantasy Stat Fleet discord as well so we may or may not have crossed paths already. If ya'll need help with the game especially regarding future content, feel free to hmu and I can see what I can do to help.

Um, hey everyone! Literally just started playing PSO2 like two days ago. I use to play PSU with friends a ton, so I was pretty stoked when I heard it this finally had a western release. I'm hoping to learn everything I can and maybe make some friends to run missions with or something!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the game, so new that I haven't even started playing since I still waiting for the PC version to release and don't own an Xone.

I heard about the game last year when they announced the NA servers and I'm still hyped to this day. I hope they launch the PC version soon so I can join you guys.

Meanwhile, have fun for me there!

I'm just some nerd who's been playing PSO2 JP since 2015, hello.