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I'm Rantious.

I'm Zen.


Howdy my name is Vilskna and I am the creator of The Order's Youtube channel. I've been playing PSO2 off and on since around 2014-2015. I create guides for games on my channel. PSO2 however has been my main focus as of late. A while back I created a hub discord for PSO2 West to help out and play with players. The discord is growing quite rapidly and we have a great community. The discord is not a Guild Discord, but a PSO2 West Community Hub discord. So, if you wanna place to promote your Guild, Youtube, or Stream come hop on the discord and ask around if peeps want to join.

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I'm Rantious.

I'm Zen.

I'm Hengbok.

I'm Devmen

Im an original PS player. I picked up PS1 back when it first came out on the SEGA and have considered it one of my favorite games of all times (I was probably ~13 at the time and it was an utter shock at how high tech and realistic it was). I played PS2/3 and have not played another since. These games turned me into a SEGA fan (more then Nintendo even though I still bought every console that came out)... yup, I was one of those people that bought the SEGA CD for the Genesis. I'll give this a shot and see if it brings back old memories.

Hello, you can call me Raburesu. I've played pso2 in the JP servers since ep1 days where elder was the fuss. So perhaps 6 or 7 years? I've taken breaks and been homeless about two times during the period of pso2.

I plan to play this just to see this game grow. I plan to deal only in friends and rpers. ^^ I don't trust teams/alliances whatever preference you want to call them. Their just full of people beefing up their numbers trying to be the first with a max level tree and 100 member team. I'll likely start my own so randoms can't invite me. I don't hate them, I'd just rather know I'm getting into a team that actually talks and hangs out with each other. So yes if you seek friends, feel free to seek me out or give me an add in game once it comes round.

I'm casual and don't judge gear nor will I hang out with those who do as pso2 is meant to be a fun and social game. If you struggle on something I'm more than willing to personally help out and show some tips. I'm also open to getting to know people from discord, my discord tag is on my profile. I do not do voice chatting so please refrain from trying to force me into one.

Name/Handle: Ranmaru

What Got You Into PS Series: PSO Episode 1 + II (Gamecube)

Fav PSO Race: Human

Fav PSO Class: Hunter

PS Games Played: Phantasy Star Online Episodes I, II, and III. Phantasy Star Zero.

PS Fav Weapon: Yamato +60. (Best I had at the time)

Videogame Favorites: Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing 64, Bomberman 64, Paper Mario TTYD, Custom Robo, Phantasy Star Online, Super Smash Bros Melee, Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2, Ape Escape, Silent Hill 2, DMC3

Anime/Manga Favorites: Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, Feng Shen Ji, Berserk, Kingdom, Great Teacher Onizuka, Hajimi no Ippo and One Piece.

Game On: Xbox One X and PC.

Hello, I am Ranmaru. I've been a long time fan of PSO, ever since 2007. I've played PSO Episode I, II, and III. Generally, my favorite is Episode III, and for anyone that has skipped that, I suggest revisiting especially if you like card games. (Music is amazing, and one of them is also in PSO2)

I have been playing on PSO2 JP since the official launch. I've been a part of a wonderul team (alliances in JP serves) called Radiant Hunters, who have all gone our separate ways. I'm very happy to see this be released in the west, and took the oppourtinity to try out PSO2 NA with my long time friend. I now will be playing in a new team, focused on helping beginners and having fun. I'll certainly be playing actively, since I love PSO2.

My hobbies are gaming, karaoke, martial arts, music, anime, manga, and books. Some more so than others. In general, I tend to be very into an activity, or not into it at all.

Personality wise, I'm ISTP and Enneagram 9. This means I'm a neutral person, that really enjoys the aspect of peace, happiness, and tranquility. I am neutral, yet always positive.

I am one to always strive to improve, I find self-improvement fun and generally always a better mindset to have in life in general.

If you ever want to contact me, feel free, as I am always open to chat. Even better, if you are on Ship 2, we could play together. Nice to meet you all.

I'm not good with introductions so bear with me

Name: Corano (though most of my friends either call me by my real name or Coro)

Gamertag: Corano Hiruma

Discord: Corano "Larkspur" Hiruma #1266

Likes: Anime, food, video games

Dislikes: Politics, drama

Additional info: I played PSO1 and PSU throughout my childhood and I enjoyed every moment of my time on there, even though I was only able to play PSO1 offline and play the multiplayer demo for PSU. I can't wait to get back into PSO2 since the cbt was the most fun I've had because I was able to play with some of my closest friends, which was something I was never able to do with PSO1 and PSU.

Warnings about me: I take care of my beautiful 13-month old daughter and do a lot around my house, so I do have to afk often so my daughter can get the love and care a child deserves as well as keep the house nice. I also play on my mother's Xbox (for now because I'll be getting my own TV and Xbox soon hopefully) since my entire family is made up of gamers, so there are times where I can only play for a few hours before having to get off. I can also be confrontational and will call out someone if they're doing or saying something dumb (which happens a lot among my friends). If you have a problem with any of these warnings then we might not get along very well. If you don't have a problem with any of these then that's great, hopefully we can get along.

Character Info: I play as a male Cast with Braver being my main class and Hunter being my subclass. I really only use the katana since I feel that the bow is too slow for my aggressive playstyle (I've tried using the bow again and again throughout the beta and I just couldn't get into it). I hope that I can get some tips for how to build a Katana Braver for each of the level caps since NA isn't getting all of the content JP has right from the gate.

Hi everybody, I'm Adz, I go by "FullMETAL" in most circles (especially wrestling ones) and I go by "Karma" (with something added to it) on my XBox accounts, such as this one. I do graphic design professionally, specializing in championship belts. 🙂
I'm a HUGE Phanatic, been playing since early 90's when I first played (and sucked at) PS3 on Genesis, and I can't wait for PSO2 to come out on Win10 so's I can finally get to huntin' on this game!

Separately, I currently do showrunning duties on the Fire Pro CRITICAL! brand of the Community e-fed for the Fire Pro Wrestling-based CRITICAL! Club.

Name/Handle: Adz / Karma (XB) / FullMETAL (general online)

What Got You Into PS Series: PS4 (Genesis)
-- PS4, PS Zero, and PS1 Remaster are my favorites of the series ❤

Fav PSO Race: Numan

Fav PSO Class: Hunter

PS Games Played: Phantasy Star 1-4 (Master System & Genesis), PS1 and 2 Sega Ages remasters (PlayStation 2), PS Online 1 (DreamCast version), PS Universe (PS2), PS Zero (Nintendo DS)

PS Fav Weapon: I have forgotten, lol

Videogame Favorites: Perfect Dark, Phantasy Star series, Metroid series (Samus is my Smash main~), Fire Pro Wrestling series (buy Fire Pro Wrestling World!), Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (Nintendo 64), Final Fantasy 4/5/9/X-2, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter series (Chun-Li is my main~)

Anime/Manga Favorites: W Juliet and its sequel Grand Sun, Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, Fullmetal Panic! (the inspiration for my "FullMETAL" handle), Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario + Vampire, Mahou Tsukai Kurohime, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Bubblegum Crisis

Game On: PC

I'll be linking my socials in my sig soon, and will be linking my PS Series Discord in my sig as well once I've done some last minute setup tweaks. 🙂

I used to be an old member of the old Sega formed back in 1999 and then later that year in 2000 and 2012 the same year when Sega decided to pull the plug on Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe server shutdown and I was used to be good friends with Edward@Sega and also most of the members staff for the Sega forums of Phantasy Star Universe website. I became of a loyal member of the Sega forums when it first began in 1999 when they first launched their website an advertising their Sega Dreamcast I also was a member and subscriber and customer for Channel Sega Channel back in 1989 to 93 always been a loyal fans of Sega and their products as also part of being a customer services to their business I finally now returned for a very long time and I decided to come and join the new game that just released and that Phantasy Star Online 2.I am now retired and unemployment and now I am enjoying life as we speak so today I was going to enjoy the new game of Phantasy Star Online 2

I'm Doodles, been playing Phantasy star since portable 2. I've been playing PSO2 since 2014 on the jp servers. I'm excited to finally get the game in the west. My hobbies include doing karaoke , watching Chinese cartoons, building plastic model kits, playing video games and once in a blue moon drawing something.

I'm Kedlin but currently considering a new handle as this one's a bit dated now I'm old 😂 I played Phantasy Star Online for around a decade, I dipped into PSU while the servers were live but ultimately went back to PSO. I played JP PSO2 briefly on launch and got back into it recently while awaiting NA. I'm a psychiatric nurse by trade and a gamer by nature. I play MMOs and RPGs and meet weekly for face to face Dungeons and Dragons sessions. I also do X-country mountain biking to stay fit. I'm hoping PSO2 doesn't cause a divorce (married with 3 kids) as I've spent over 18000 hours on Phantasy Star over the last 20 years or so.

Hello Arks,

My name is David, or Anzio in-game. My first experience with a Phantasy Star title was back in middle school. I went over to a friends house, he had a Sega Dreamcast which was super awesome and ahead of the curve at that time. He showed me this game where his character had a light saber, dual wielding sub machine guns, super huge photon sword, I was instantly hooked. I begged my mom to buy me a Dreamcast and it all started from there. Shortly after beginning to play on my own Dreamcast I discovered that the game had online play, something that my friend hadn't experienced yet. I got a hold of a hunters license and some free UNI/DUN dial up ISP info and started my journey online.

The first time I loaded into a lobby and saw people chatting I was dumbfounded. It was actually other people sitting in front of a TV playing PSO just like me. I couldn't believe it, online gaming was awesome! I joined an open party using the quest counter. Then something weird happened. My RAmar loaded in as a HUnewearl named NOL (won't go into this any further, you guys know who did it xD). That did not ruin my experience though. I created a HUmar since that data was saved over, then got to work.

I followed the series through every release from Dreamcast to PSO2JP and am extremely excited that PSO NA is happening.

P.S. PSO ruined single player games for me. Before I got that Dreamcast, I was in love with RPGs on PS1. Not so much after experiencing the online multiplayer of Phantasy Star Online. Also, my mom HATED the phone being tied up with dial up xD.

Vox Retired Old school gamer. Never played PSO. So a new experience for me. See you there GT. Voxnihilii. Ship 1. Mazzy Star. Cast.

Dimforest here. Ok bye.