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Hello all Dez Darkly here. I've been a fan of phantasy star since sega channel in the early 90s. I played Pso on dreamcast and game cube and then later played psu on 360.

I am a former renaissance reenactor/renaissance brawler. Nothing like fighting in full steel regalia where the winner is not predetermined. I was primarily a great sword or sword and board guy. It has been ten years since I sold off all but my rapier and great sword, and picked video games back up.

I am greatly looking forward to getting into Pso2. I am thinking of playing a beast person like I did in Psu. Hope to see you all in game. (When I am not working)

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I was diagnosed with GIRD

Oof, that's rough. I know those feels/pain - hope you're able to get with a GI to manage it.

Let's see, I usually main a female Newman named Johana, but I've also used characters named Ezodagrom, Luppi and Blune before in previous games.

I got introduced to the series through PSO ver.2 for the Dreamcast, but I could only play it offline. The first time I played a Phantasy Star game online was PSU on the PC/PS2 servers. A few years after the shutdown I played in the JP PC servers for a little while and after that I got to play in the 2nd alpha test for PSO2 back in early 2012. I've been playing PSO2 in the JP servers since then.

I don't have enough free time to play in both the JP and EN versions, so I don't think I'll play in the english servers at all (though, maybe I'll give the EU version a try if it ever happens), but I'll still lurk around here in the forums.

Hey all! I go by the name of Molly both in game and outside of it. I've been playing PSO and PSO2 JP (8 years) for a good while now. Gaming is a hobby that I'm very much into. But I play more than just the two games listed above. It's not a wide range of games however. It's mostly Anime styled games. I get pretty shy when it comes to talking to others (even in forums too) so it might be a little tough in the beginning for me. Hope to meet some of you when PSO2 NA releases!

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Voltron Defender of the Universe introduced me to anime and I still love it.

Form blazing love for anime!

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I was diagnosed with GIRD

Oof, that's rough. I know those feels/pain - hope you're able to get with a GI to manage it.

It's not serious enough for that. I'm taking Omeperazol.

Hello there, I am Zance21, or just Zance. I've been a fan of the Phantasy Star series since Portable and have been playing on the JP server since the start of Episode 5.

I am a massive fan of RPGs, falling in love with the genre back when I first got my PSP. I've managed to play every mainline Dragon Quest game and I'm currently working on that with Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star. I've only beating I and IV (I speedrun the former on PSP with a PB of 1:29:15) for Final Fantasy, not counting XI and XIV, and Phantasy Star I've only beaten Portable and Portable 2. I have a lot to catch up with.

I'm extremely excited for this NA release and I hope to meet some great people in there. You can find me there as Zance and I am also going to be streaming the game on Twitch (also Zance21 on there).

Hello everyone, my name is Lea but everyone in game calls me Willow. I've been playing PSO since Dreamcast. This has been my all time favorite game for many years! I played PSO on original Xbox as well and Played PSU on Xbox 360. I can't wait to play PSO2 on the Xbox one!. I played as a Summoner on the closed beta (wanted to try something new) but I really miss playing force! So I'm probably going to change my class. It's nice meeting everyone, can't wait to see you all in game! 🙂

@Willow is that an entire wall of Fallout gear on the wall behind you in your profile pic?

Hello! I go by Ciel. I played PSO during the Dreamcast era (was known as Jase back then). Rather than focus on one game, I tend to play multiple genres at the same time. I presently am playing Final Fantasy XIV, Apex Legends, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 (along with a plethora of single player titles). For PSO2, I will be playing several classes and characters, though I will have a main once I have figured out which class I prefer.

I have degrees in both Writing and History, enjoy distance running, and love watching movies and anime. I am also quite fond of french food, and love many hot teas.

My Xbox Gamertag is Jase

Hello! My name's Aperture or Renton. Whichever one is fine. Long time fan of the Phantasy Star series. Started on PSO ep. 1&2 on Xbox Live back in the day. Played PSU but sadly missed out on the chances to play Online. Been waiting a long time to play pso2 and if you wanna add me and play sometime just let me know!

GT- Aperture Mage

^(^-^)> Hello everyone! You can call me Kei or by my IGN Clain.

Can't remember what ship I'm on, pretty sure it's ship 02. I have never played PSO2 before, or any Phantasy Star games, however I did anticipate PSO2 release for NA back when it was teased and well, it took awhile to get here as we all have seen lol.

I enjoy gaming mainly RPGs and prefer anime styled graphics. My hobbies include writing, drawing, and gaming.

I hope to make some awesome friends as one of my main goals in gaming right now is to make some awesome memories and online friends (feel like I haven't had those awesome experiences since my younger teen years 😕 )

Hi, there, everyone!

I do not have a character yet but I wanted to make a forum account ready for the launch when I start playing on PSO2's PC release!

While I know PSO and PSO2 differ greatly from one another, I am looking forward to getting into this MMO. I played PSO since Dreamcast and have tried Universe as well. I've seen many players on Twitch streaming their PSO2 gameplay from the JP servers and am really excited to give it a go once it officially releases on our end. I've been waiting for years since the initial release plans were dropped and my hope for this game releasing on our side of the world never faltered.

From what I have seen so far, Hunter and Bouncer seem the most up my alley and hope to lend my strengths where they are needed. I started off as a Neuman in PSO but I'm very interested in being a Deuman as well!

I've started my own little ARKS community and hope that it grows even more as we adventure throughout the world of PSO2.

In terms of things aside from PSO2, I also really like anime, JRPGs, fighting games, and really anything weeb related.

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to play with some of you real real soon! ♥

They call me ThEoRy. I've been hunting bio monsters since 1988. My preferred method of execution is through the usage of techniques. I am also a master of the healing, buffing and debuffing art forms. My hobbies include sharpening photon blades and my favorite weapon is the Psycho Wand.

Glad to be here.

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I'm Rantious.

I'm Zen.