Introduce yourself!

@Tasty-Onions lol hey I got your message in the game but did not know how to respond to you sorry

@lilbunnyfoofoo Its cool. XD nice to meet you

Henlo. I'm not new to the phantasy star series (in fact, the first one on the Master System was the first JRPG I ever played), and I've played a lot of PSO dreamcast, PSO:BB and PSU. I played a lot of PSO2 in JP server and I gotta admit I was a little lazy to start over in NA, but I did it nonetheless. Also looking forward to NG, admittedly I'm not very happy they removed perfect attacks (I always liked that mechanic, reminds me of the first PSO), and some of the faces shown look a little weird to me, but I'm happy to try the closed beta and play the new game of this series dear to my heart.

I'm on ship 2 but considering transferring to ship 4 in the near future.

Hey I'm Brittany, I'm not new to PSO2 but I've played since the global launch and since then I've gone back and played most of the franchise.

Looking forward to chatting with you all and getting to know everyone on the forum. 🙂

⋆ Name: Frederick Lalas (Fred)

⋆ Pronouns: he/him

⋆ I started playing PSO on gamecube, then moved to PSO Blue Burst and have been waiting to immerse myself in the sequel and it's culture!

⋆ Fun fact about me: I'm a Twitch Streamer (fredlalas), comic artist/ Illustrator and I dable in street dance!

I'm Jamal but my ngs and stage name is Maka Muka. I rap,sing,and make beats of all genres.You can check out some of my music on YouTube,Soundcloud,Tik Tok,Deezer,etc... I started pso back in 2020 as a BOUNCER,(Looking forward to seeing that class in ngs btw lol)and I can't say I loved it...I can sat I love ngs but wish there were some more functions from the old camos and pvp battles. My class now is FIGHTER/HUNTER,My sub was GUNNER,but I like PARTISAN so I switched..might switch FIGHTER to BRAVER next lol.. And expect to get friend requested!I don't have many friends who like games like this and I send to everyone!

Hello! Another nostalgic PSO player here. I was addicted to the Dreamcast version 20 years ago when I was a teenager. Very happy to see PSO2 go global and I hope they can gain a lot of players and recognition by adding a lot of good content. Viva la Sega!