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@sean1696 Welcome to the game and the forum!

If you really enjoyed Hunter's gameplay, consider returning to the class once you level it up a bit and can unlock more of the skill tree. In particular, once you invest in "Auto-Mate Half" your Hunter will automatically use your Healing mates whenever you fall below 50% HP which is a big help (only triggers 20% of the time at first, but if you max out the skill it'll go up to 100%). You can also invest in the skill "Iron Will" which gives you a chance of staying alive at 1HP after a would-be fatal blow (caps at a 75% chance of survival when you max out the skill). There's also the "Hunter Physique" skill which grants an ability you can turn on which will reduce your damage taken for a length of time while also preventing you from getting knocked back from attacks so you can stay up close and personal.

To level up your Hunter, you could make it your subclass while playing Ranger to grant it some (25%) of the EXP you earn in the field and could also switch to Hunter whenever you turn in quests to give it all of that EXP too. In addition, you could make Hunter your main class while running "Tokyo Keys" (under main quests => bonus quests) which are the best power leveling source in the game (can earn a Silver one each day by completing the 5 daily missions and I believe the current campaign gives out a Gold one each day for logging in).

And just as a bit of background, PSO2 is a little different in that it abandons the classic trinity of roles and pretty much every class (minus Techer) is a pure DPS class. However, many classes have access to the healing spell Resta which can be used on players in the vicinity when fully charged and there are some other abilities that can heal the party too (e.g. the spell Megiverse and Etoile's Over Drive skill).

Hello, I am a brand new player on Ship 4 Ansur. My character name is Skittlebit. I have not ever played any form of this game before so all of it is new to me. I am usually playing Fallout or a sim but this is a nice alternative. I have loads of questions but since I have only played for 3 days or so... I will continue to try and figure things out... with the exception, it seems like there are player stores, how do I access those?

Player Name: Jack_Spark

What got me into PS series: For the past 4 years, I've been looking for an online game I'd enjoy as much as Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga, and I fell in love with it pretty quickly

Favorite PSO2 Race: I prefer to play a character I can identify with, so I chose human, but I think CASTs are kinda kewl

Favorite PSO2 Class: Hunter. I've always gone for close combat weapons. Idk, I guess I just enjoy being close to the action and giving it everything I got, putting my soul into whatever I'm fighting for.

Hobbies: Video games on Nintendo Switch, playstation, and PC, reading, writing, watching TV, and working out sometimes.

I've only been playing this game for a week, but that was long enough for me to fall in love with the story and the characters, and I haven't enjoyed something this much in a long time. Sure, I've played lots of other games, but they didn't make me feel the way playing this game makes me feel. I was also surprised that I could literally fall in love with a game character, and completely involuntarily. I'm speaking of Matoi in this case. I know, it sounds weird, but, like I said before, I really didn't have any say in the matter. It just sort of happened before I realized it. It wasn't because she's beautiful or anything, though that is icing, but her character, her kindness, and her passion and desire to protect the people she cares about, no matter what happens to her. Whoops, this was supposed to be a post introducing myself as a player, but I ended up gushing about a game crush 😆. Anyway, I hope others enjoy the game as much as I have.

@pendulummaster24 Welcome! It's great to hear you're enjoying the game and Matoi's storyline 🙂

@Rashenbo Welcome as well! You can access Player Shops through one of the many "visiphone" terminals in game. I'm attaching a pic from Google below (blue icon above terminal is a question mark) and once you access the terminal I believe the first menu option will take you to the shops (after you enter your shop password).


*Opens a hole in the matrix and steps out of the Akashic records *

Ahh... I see I've made my way onto the introductory page.... no introductory needed. Farewell my fellow ARKS.

*Steps back into time vortex and disappears *

I call myself Mosha. I have played most of the mainline PS games, starting with Phantasy Star II on the Sega Megadrive. I shudder to think how many hours i logged into PSO 1 on Dreamcast/Gamecube,but never got to play BlueBurst.

Picking this up again now that the official English version has dropped. Was a long time player on the Ur Ship/JP Server running with ARKS Layer. I'm interested to see how this will all go with official translations and English voice acting, but I admit I'm rather bummered out that I have to start all of the way over from scratch after years of progress.

Thing I think I'm most sad about is all of the money I put into the game previously, and now I would have to rebuy everything I had both with Meseta and ARKS Cash. Had some good items too.

Gonna give this a try, but who knows, might just keep going on the JP Server unless they stop letting us do so.

Greetings and well met fellow ARKS! I am known as Trigunman, but you can call me Vash! ^_^ (yea, I'm a BIG Trigun fan, can't you tell? XD ) I've been here a few weeks now and have made a temporary home on Ship 4, Ashur. I'm already up to level 57 Ra/Gu, level 200 Soniti mag and a pretty nice arsenal for my level I think. Old school PSO RAmar player here, I managed to successfully recreate my old RAmar character from PSOBB here haha! I've been waiting a long time for PSO2 to get on STEAM and YAY, I'm finally here!

I hail as a long-time veteran from the Ultima PSOBB server and looking to join up with some friends who play here on Ship 1, Feoh, when my main character Trigunman is transferred there soon. Until then, if you need some fire-support, don't hesitate to ask, see you fellow ARKS planet-side!

@Trigunman WELCOME! I hope that you find your game play experience a pleasant one, Just please - Do not let the negative players get you down, I would play more, sadly I have to commit some time during the day to a Job. I was also a Veteran Of PSOBB SCTHACK server, unfortuantely a while back, the ENTIRE SCTHACK server was wiped, Leaving me in a reluctancy of having to start over and yes I was already level 200., But, hey - Welcome!

Thank you Sakesubaki! =^) Hail and well met!

As of today I am now a resident on Ship 1, Feoh folks, good hunting and see you there fellow ARKS!

Uh. H i. Im yuki, started playing about a month ago, and already have 150+ hours (please send help) I rolled a random number generator and chose ship 4 and now greatly regret it. While everyone studied fashion i studied the braver blade, but do enjoy mg-hero. I haven't and seriously don't want to get into the augment endgame. I completely messed up my mag but what can ya do. Im determined to stay a f2p. Started playing because i was bored and saw pso on steam as a free game and decided to give it a go. Out of my hours at least 40 of them were choosing fashion. And probably more of them will be. I've used 2/3 free characters on the ship, i'll keep my 3rd in case anything happens.

And no, my main character isn't a female cast that definitely isn't trying too hard to be vergil with a hat what do you mean 🙂

Hi My name is Bakura! I play PSO2 on my Switch. I role two characters. A Force and I play a bit of LBX with Cast. Nice to meet you all.

My name is Jitto! I enjoy playing A Magical Virtual-On in PSO2! I like playing this and Team Sonic Racing!

Hi, I'm Onions

Hello. I am on Ship 2. My name on there is Buttkicker. Started playing 4 days ago due to 2 of my cousins convincing me to play. I am a casual gamer due to work and family. In any game I play I usually go for beat em up type characters similar to fighting games like gauntlet users. In Dauntless I use a fighter class. Same thing when I used to play Toram Online. For this game I main a fighter with a Braver subclass just to experiment and try something.