Introduce yourself!

Hello guys!

Long time Phantasy Star and PSO / PSO2 player here. Been playing the Phantasy Star Games since the golden days of the Sony PSP.

I played around a bit on PSO1, but it was short lived due to work. However, when PSO2 launchd, I immediately got myself back into the game. I first started playing PSO2 on the JP server on my PS Vita and later on my PC when we had the English patches made by amazing fans. Spent most of my time on Ship 2 in the JP server. Stopped playing for a few years due to work again.

When PSO2 was officially launched by Microsoft last year, I got back to playing from scratch since I had an Xbox US account since I stayed in the US for a while. Now that I'm back in the Philippines, I'm enjoying PSO2 again.

Hope to see you all in-game!


@ZephyrAM Would you and your friends like to have a place to hang?

just realized i never bothered to post in this...

Most people call me "Wolf" both IRL and on Discord. I have been playing MMO's since the late 90's starting with the original Everquest 1. Have played several (EQ, DAoC, Perfect World (2 different version), SW:ToR, Tera, WoW, and that's just a few of the many titles I've gone through).

Just a gamer in general, tabletop and PC... consoles aren't really my thing, only one I currently own is a PS3 that is capable of also playing some PS2 games (one of the first models). If it's sci-fi or fantasy, I will probably like it. Definitely a "weeb" and don't really care. I love my anime. Also studying Japanese with the intent of majoring in the language and literature focusing on the linguistics. Used to be conversationally fluent in German, but lack of use has caused me to lose most the vocabulary. Taking my time on studying though... because... Kanji... omfg Kanji.... I love it, but I hate it at the same time.

As for in PSO2, like my signature says, i definitely horde the fashion. My primary storage is more than half just outfits/outerwear and all the other customization's (basewear, hairstyles, accessories) are multiple pages. Also running 9 characters because I have to have one to main each class separately (plus play all the races and just have more characters to use all the fashion I have, so I don't feel like it's going to waste). Generally can be found on any one of my characters just lurking on B-69 on Ship 1 because some of the best conversations (or at least interesting ones) happen there. Occasionally throw my 2 cents out there but for most part, just read everyone else's chats and laugh. Character names are all ... well, that's a secret ๐Ÿ˜›

Hello everyone! You can call me Nines, and I've been an mmo junkie since the late 2000's. I've played WoW, tera, BnS, FFXIV, and pso2 jp for a little while (among others). I enjoy other video games and mobile/gacha games, as well as drawing and storywriting! A few other interests include: anime/manga, documentaries, sleeping and exercising.

I've starting playing pso2 again after the official english release and am having a blast! Sometimes i'll hang out on B-69 on ship 3 when I wanna take a break from questing and dungeon crawling ๐Ÿ˜„

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well and such. I love playing all sorts of MMO's and a bunch of others types of games. My favorite though is them horror type games. The current things I been doing lately is playing pso2, condemned: criminal origins, cod: mw and trying to learn digital arts. Now for the character: My name in LunaRyder, I arrived on ship 1 a few days ago. I met some pretty cool people while I was out exploring and doing missions. My goal is to have fun , to meet and make new friends. You are welcome to say Hi or come join me on my random adventures.

60 year old gamer in england been playing PSO2 since sunday evening, played a ton of games since pong came out, been looking forward to playing this for ages initialy just a filler till end of year when some great games are coming out but loving this and might stay longer than i first thought.

Hello, I like CASTs with cool scarves. I wish the controller support for this game wasn't so wonky.

Hi everyone, I'm NettoSaito (or simply "Netto" because I used my Steam profile?) I'm a long time PSO2 player, and was one of those people who held out for years hoping for a US release. Never once did I ever think it would happen, but here we are!

I'm a huge gamer (owning nearly every console, and playing almost everything on the market), yet PS is a series that continued to shock me and allow me to experience many "firsts" throughout my years of gaming. As a SEGA fan, PS3 was one of the first "normal" RPGs I ever tried to play as a kid, and when I got older PSO was something that had me pretty interested after I came across advertisements for it in Sonic Adventure 2. Of course back then I wasn't able to actually play online (lack of internet at home), so it really wasn't until PSU that I got to give it a go. Ever since then I've loved the series, and well, here I am! Again, I played PSO2 for many years, but I figured I'd finally make the jump to the NA servers.

With PSO2 NG on it's way, I figured now would be the best time to jump in and get ready for it. Sure, I might go back to JP from time to time, but I'm hoping to make the NA servers my permanent home. On one hand I hate losing everything I worked hard for, but on the other, it's also kinda fun to restart. Plus I can actually sub to the game now! Anyway, look forward to seeing you guys around, and if anyone is on Ship02, feel free to say hi. I'm going by "ClaireLight" in game as my character is female, and I'm a FF13 fan (yeah, I know, it's hated by many...)

Hello everyone, my name is Charus, name was inspired by Chara from Undertale, I because I like that character.

Anyway, I'm fairly familiar with the MMORPG genre, but I'm completely new to this game (Well if playing here for 2 weeks already is counted as new), I used to play a different space shooter MMORPG named Battlestar Galactica Online, which was based on the Battlestar Galactica serial, and it was shutdown because the developer didnt want to continue to support the game after 8 to 9 years of It's existence, which sucks because it was one of the good MMORPG's that we're available back then, atleast for me.

I came here because I like Anime, I like the Anime artstyle, I like the epic fighting scenarios that many of the Animes have, also Anime has the greatest Fashion sense, it allows you to create something cool, cute and unique or badass, I really love to create and customise my own characters.

My in-game name is Charus obviously (My main character, human male), I have Charus-Alt as female cast secondary.

Evening all!

Current Character is a Hunter named Vazlokk, I'm a UK Gamer on Ship 2 and recently converted from a PS4 to a pretty decent gaming rig and one of the biggest draws was the MMO landscape....PSO2 foremost amongst them all.

I have been a massive fan of PSO since the Dreamcast days, I actually lead a very successful clan(Dragoon Lancers) back in the day which later merged with "LPSO"(Legit PSO) when hacking on the DC became rife and people were running around ruining the game via Action Replay mods.

I'm currently "casual" and learning the game, but loving it. Playing 2+ hours 7 days a week and would love a beginner friendly(preferably UK based but not essential) Alliance to help me learn and play with! If anyone wants to drop a few Rappys together, just send me an in game mail.

Hello all!

I'm Janine (most people call me Jen) and I've been playing the Phantasy Star series since the good old days of 8-bit. I racked up a long stint on PSU (~~รŸubbles~~) and I played the JP server for PSO2 on and off for a few years. I am now playing on the Steam release of PSO2 NA. My in-game name is Saffyre-Skye. I'm currently playing casually as I'm a full-time carer and find the game fun to play on my down time.

If anyone else who plays on Ship 02 would like to join me for some runs, let me know. I live in England, UK and I'm a night owl. Currently running a Su/Fi.

Greetings all! I am Leyaa and I am a total newcomer to Phantasy Star Online 2 and the Phantasy Star series in general. I've been playing MMORPGs for over a decade now, in a calm and relaxed manner. Sci-Fi is sort of a new field as I am an avid lover of the fantasy genre, so I am touching new ground here. Just got into the game yesterday and at the moment I am quite overwhelmed ^^
If anyone is willing to help out a total newcomer on Ship 2, feel free to let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a European player with online times during weekdays from morning till afternoon.

Been playing since PSO ep 1&2 on the Gamecube, played PSU on the xbox 360, and the PSP spinoffs, played PSO2 on the JP version first just before episode 2 dropped


Used to play PSO in the dreamcast a little when I was a kid. Also both PSU, even tho I wasnt attracted that much to it, and play a month or 2 in pso2 JP without being interested in the story at all.

Im really not into mmos all family of this "age" since I found them too easy and lacking on decent content and multiplayer aspects, but the style of this game and the combat is really appealing to me. And its also SEGA, I like sega.


I am foussi and pretty new to pso2 nice to meet you all ๐Ÿ™‚ Hmm what can I tell about myself?

Ya I love videogames and I have been playing them my whole life pretty much. I am a huge fan of mmos and have tried alot of them. My current main games (on pc and phone)would be pso2, maplestory,ffxiv, fgo and honkai impact 3rd.

Beside playing games I also do art but I dont really upload it anywhere.

Oh and I also watch anime.

Btw if anyone wants to play with me, I am on ship 1 and my character is called Magnus.