Introduce yourself!

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@Lorelei-Moira Ever play gaia online?

Nope. Sorry.

Melondra from PSO2 JP been playing on ship 2 for many years. Main Job Force/Tec Lvl 90 Japan Version. Guild "Air Wave" JP

Hi my name is Xurai and I have a PSO2 problem.

You can find me on ship 2, by the names Xurai and xBotV2.

Please help.


@STATIC-ROBIE Dunno what a robie is but I love you, welcome aboard!

Heya I'm ColonD - at least that's the name I use for anything Phantasy Star related. I started with PSO on dreamcast, and I've at least tried every game in the series (aside from some JP exclusive old old old games) even if I haven't played some extensively.

Name: Jason S.

Handles: Phantasy (75 Su/Fi) (Laya 40 Br/Te)

What got you into Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star I (Master System) and the titles that followed (Favorites are the original PSI -> IV ) PSU for the online platform and PSO for community

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Deuman/Human/Numan

Favorite PSO2 Class: Summoner hands down

Platforms: PC. Android (Modded PS classic to include 36 different systems)

Hobbies/etc: Playing nostalgic games such as Phantasy Star Series, Shining Force, Disgaea Series and other classics. My hobbies are enjoying a great community and playing PSO2 with friends (new and old). I enjoy taking our dog for a walk and take in the sights as i can and enjoy hiking and cultural events.

I don't frequent this thread often, but I want new players to know that, I'm always free if anyone needs a new friend. Either way, welcome, and I hope you enjoy.

Yo. My handle is the same as my name on here.

I got into the universe of Phantasy star through watching my younger brother, well more like forced cause he hogged the system during the summer, play Phantasy star universe. I liked the cool flashy photon arts but at the time the gameplay didn't interest me much. And since It was rarely available I never got to play it myself.

Gaming history wise I grew up with Nintendo but got pulled into xbox pretty early on via Halo LAN parties. Still some of my fondest memories as a kid. I have a long history with fps games but I don't really enjoy them much these days same with rythm games. I really like rogue likes, platformers, adventure games, souls like, rpg's etc. I more lean towards single player experiences these games or coop heavy games. The only pvp I really care for these days is fighting games. If I wanted to go head to head with someone I would much rather do it with a board game or card games.

Hobbies are kinda...bland I guess. I cook. I like working out. I'm almost always listening to music. I do like artistic things. So much so that I browse pintrest on the regular for new profile pictures or backround pictures for my phone. Media wise I mostly consume anime and scifi stuff. But crime shows and some horror are also things I enjoy.

I might come off as rather blunt or muted. I am a reserved person despite having a very sociable nature. I promise I open up and become more enjoyable to be around if I get used to you and comfortable with you. I'm not really in the habit of adding players from sites to be new gaming friends as I generally run with a very small group of people Ive known most of my life. That being said I don't mind if someone wants to get to know me and just chill with me. Maybe we could eventually become gaming pals. But at best if I do decide to join up at some point i'll probably just be along for the ride to help and bounce after. I'm usually rather quiet.

I added you, and my player ID is also the same as my username here. Already introduced myself but I'll say that I'm neutral and always hoping for peace, and joy. Whenever I add someone I don't expect much, but I do so anyway because you never know what friendship or conversations may spark from that random forum.


Ah I was wondering what the add I got just now was. Used to seeing random bots just do adds on xbox from time to time. I'll re add you. Hopefully we get a nice friendship going in time. 🙂

Yeah I had those too, that's understandable. I'll hit you up sometime, and likewise.

ZhaoYun96 is the name. Anyone who's ever played a Dynasty Warriors game in their life will know where the name comes from.

Ship 2 is where I'm always at. My character's name is Ryurai. I'm a level 75 Hunter with a level 58 Techter as my sub-class (Yeah I know a weird combination but it's worked out for me so far).

How I got into Phantasy Star was thanks to Phantasy Star Universe (If anyone remembers that). I rented the game from Blockbuster (anyone also remember that too XD) back when I was still in junior high. I just instantly loved it but I was in rush to beat the story mode so I never got to enjoy it fully. Funny enough years later I found it for the 360 and just bought it and I fell in love with it again. Unfortunately the online mode for that game was long since done so all I had to entertain myself was the story mode which wasn't bad. But then I also realized I really missed out when I learned about the Ambition of the Illumnis expansion, which sucked cause I learned the expansion was an online thing only and back then I didn't have anything to connect me online so that really sucked.

PSO2 really brought me back and I'm glad this game finally came to the west. I feel liked I accomplished a lot for myself (Like getting myself that Snow Camellia for my Hunter class). Truth be told I'm a solo player and I don't party a lot with others (although it's changed a little bit when it comes to Urgent Quests, especially for class EX cubes).

I'm seriously not a player other's would consider partying up with also considering my sub-class, but regardless if anyone ever needs a hand I'll give it to them, provided they don't mind having me around.

Anyways that's that. Hope to see some of you guys around maybe. And here's hoping that PSU event that happened in JP seriously comes here, cause I really want that Ethan Waber outfit.


Did you miss the thing where you could get his and the girls outfit? It was like a bundle or something. Also what is your favorite DW/SW/WO title?

From memory I played DW 4-6. Maybe some of 7 idr. And I only played one SW. But I dunno which one it was. I've played WO 3 and now 4.

@Knight-Raime DW 8 and SW 4 are my favorites