Introduce yourself!

Well, I may be just late to the party, But- Here goes. Mostly , I have been known by the handle as : Toonegeminielf, I'm pretty sure that may ring a bell for some, those that do, Already know who I really am. (LOL) As a California native, I grew up with my first experience of phantasy star , was the Version on the Sega Genesis I think it was Phantasy Star IV the end of the millennium. ( I consider it to be one, If not the best rpg I have ever come across.) , After Phantasy Star online's inception on the Dreamcast was anything but incredible and I have always loved series ever since.

I have numerous hobbies, I like to curl-up reading a good book, or even stay up late and watch some re-runs of anime on Toonami. I enjoy making digital versions of manga's and comics, I love the outdoors (LOL, currently that has become more challenging.) It was almost 7 or 9 ish years ago when I first stumbled on the PSO2 website ,( That is a story for another time, it would make this a TLDR.. LOL), Thankfully, now I am able to play the western release on PC, My IGN characters are : CalamityJane( Hint, Hint..), And Subaki. For the moment I usually spend my time on ship #3.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward in eradicating those wretched falspawn along side you!😊

Name: Reina

Handles: Malkoto, Reina

What got you into Phantasy Star: Played every Phantasy Star game ever, used to be on the JP server a long time ago.

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Neuman

Favorite PSO2 Class: Force, Gunner, Techter

Platforms: mostly PC, I own every system though.

Hobbies/etc: gaming, streaming, graphic design (I'm not good at it but it's fun sometimes)


Hi! I'm Reina, I'm transgender, although I have not started hormonal therapy, yet, but I hope to do it soon... Malkoto is a bulgarian word that means "Little one" I got the name when I was 12 from my adopted sister's AIM screenname which was Malkotokote which means "The Little Kitten" so it's kind of a homage to her, plus I'm kinda small, 5'6 110 lbs. I started on the NA servers with some friends, and I'm personally online pretty much all the time, even if I'm not really doing much. I need some friends on here ❀

Name: Lorelei Moira - She/Her or They/Them. Bigender/Genderfluid: Nonbinary Transwoman. I almost never wear anything remotely masculine.

Handles: Queen Bloodlust

What got you into Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star Online v1 back on DC. Played 40,000 hours of blue burst across official Sega and private servers, easily. Dabbled in the original PS back on

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Racaseal in pso1, Cast female in pso2.

Favorite PSO2 Class: Gunner/Force or Gunner/Techter. Having the ability to dismiss carrying and mono or dimates around is nice. Sol atomizers are too slow too. Its a good mix of offense and has a lot of invulnerability frames. I can also offer backup support if I am needed.

Platforms: Xbox One (X), PC (laptop), Switch (lite), GBA (sp), 3DS (small 2ds, flat version), DS, Dreamcast,

Hobbies/etc: Vampires, Video Games, Anime (Isekai is a favorite genre, despite being done poorly more often than not.), Modifying Cars and racing them at an amateur level, Creating Adult Entertainment, Drawing, Writing.

My best 1/4 mile pass was an 11.8 in a 295 RWHP Scion FRS on 225/35/17 summer tires. Mods included a 1.46L Twin Screw supercharger, Equal length headers, catless midpipe, 2.5" exhaust, Forged 10.8:1 compression pistons, Forged rods, flex fuel kit running a ~E73 Ethanol blend with the ability to adjust fuel trims in real time. Never was able to back it up as the clutch let go on the next pass.

My next build will either be a K20A2/K20Z3/K24Z7 based toyota MR2 build (N/A SW21 or Non-SMT ZZW30). Probably go with forged internals in a built motor running Around 9.5:1 compression. I'll use a garret GTX42 or GTX45 series or similarly sized turbocharger to make roughly 750-800 RWHP. I'll most likely have to run some 100-105 octane gasoline (US method) or something in that area to achieve those power levels. Fortunately my GF has considerable experience with Toyotas and I know a lot about Honda K series Motors, so the actual work should be pretty easy once we get the old 5S-FE in the SW21 or 1ZZ-FED in the ZZW30 taken out.

@Lorelei-Moira Ever play gaia online?

Name: Most know me as Thanatos. I used to go by Thief, Assassin, Vicious, Delta, Faust, Vitali, and others. I tend to use Thanatos more frequently for the sake of old allies, rivals... and people that just want me to die in a fire.

PSO Origins: PSO was my first MMO that my cousin got me into by the time Blue Burst came out. It was the first time I've ever encountered the game mechanic where race and gender determined your stats. As a competitive groomed player from TGCs and Fighting Games, I took every advantage available. So my first time ever playing as a non-male character was as a FoNewearl named Victoria, a character that would be reincarnated in every MMO I played since. I still remember the joy of surpassing my cousin and cooking him with a Level 30 Zonde. πŸ˜‰

Platforms: Although I started as a console gamer, MMOs have me on my PC more. Being on the move, I game on my Switch or Phone.

Hobbies: Anything creative really. I started off as an artist, but my perfectionism makes me my own worst critic. My cousin competes with me as an artist and recently I have to hand it to him. I focus more on digital designing and writing. The reason I call myself the Angel of Death is I act more like the Angel of the Dead. Experiences with funerals and death since age left an impression on me to immortalize the personalities of those lost into pages. That's why my style of writing is to create worlds and universes and just let the characters I've remembered tell the story.

I'm also explore mythologies and lores from other cultures. Games like Ragnarok Online have only fueled my desire to consume more. Sadly my Egyptian and Aztec mythos is rusty...

Hi everyone! I'm new to the game, and I'm really enjoying it so far! I maxed a few classes and in turn decided to get premium, so I guess I'm in it for the long run haha

I haven't played many MMOs, like my last real experience with one was playing Mabi back in college lol. Even so, I've been enjoying PSO2 so far, and I'd like to be a bit more active in the community as well--though lurking around here and there, I've been seeing some really weird posts lately, so I can't really say just how much more I'll actively try to participate in conversations πŸ˜‚ I don't say much to my alliance either, so don't take it personally haha I'm just not very talkative

A little about me, I pursued biochem and languages & culture for my undergrad, and for the past few years worked in S. Korea as a conference interpreter in Japanese and Korean as my A-B languages respectively (prior to the pandemic). More recently, I returned to being a nurses aide after moving back to the States to be closer to family, but as of a few days ago am a full-time freelance translator; which means more [afk] time on PSO2 😁

Other hobbies outside of video games are fitness and travel! or so I say, but the monotony of my home gym is starting to sink in, and my travel plans have so far been cancelled...haha at least until July

Anyway, anyone on Ship 2 hmu! I primarily afk on b1 πŸ˜„

edit: formatting and forgot to add player ID πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's Alby! Albert was taken D'8

Hi everyone! I am sheepareamyth or Sheep if you want to shorten it! I have played on the PSO2 JP servers for two years and I am excited to be playing here on the NA Servers!

I am an all around gamer playing MMOs, JRPGs, Shooters and more!

I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ Community, I cosplay, do photography, and enjoy tabletop gaming.

If you are on Ship 2 feel free to come hang out with me! If not, well we can still be awesome friends here ❀


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Name: lynia262

Character Name/MClass/Level/Team:

  • JP: Hyun Na/Ph/95/Skylark



  • JP: Cast


Experience of PSO2: 2.5 years [JP]

Playtime: 4701:23 [JP]

Favorite Basic Class: Bouncer

Favorite Adv. Class: Phantom

Favorite NPC(s): Trio Adv. Class Trainers (Stratos, Kyokuya, Lucotte), Pietro

Favorite EQ (UQ): The Endless Darkness and Armada of Demise

Favorite Boss(es): Omega Masquerade, Varuna

Any plans to play NA version?: "Not sure about it yet.. but I think I'll manage. We'll see, only time will tell."


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@lynia262-Hyun-Na This was fun to read. Welcome!


My character's name is Stryfe and I have been playing the Phantasy Star series since it came out for the Sega Master System back in 1987!

I have beaten Dark Falz in every game (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSO, PSO2)

I played the JP version of this game but was sadly booted because I was not from JP, so I am glad they came out with the NA version of this game. I am a huge fan of this series and lore.

Well see you guys in game.


Name: Silver (irl Salem)

Age: 15 (August 5th)

Interest: Soothing music.

Hobbies: Doodle, video editing, MMO's.

Love: Cat, Phantasy Star Series, music, unique MMO's.

Hate: Black olives on his pizza.

Favorite game: PSO1 and PSO2! ❀

Console you use?: GC and PC.

About yourself: I like science, music, doodling, and MMO's. I started Phantasy Star with PSO1 on GC when my cousin was playing it and I thought it looked cool. Once I was able to play it myself I fell in love with the main menu song, A Song For Eternal Story. The visuals and sounds for the whole game captured me. It was sci-fi but not generic sci-fi. There was something amazing to it. This was a very important point for it because from then on Phantasy Star as a series became, what is known in the world of autism, as a special interest. I still play these games today and even run my own team in PSO2 named from one of my favorite OST's from PSO1, "Cry, for 'IDOLA' the Holy." ❀

1 word that describes yourself: Adamant.

Hello, I am Zemra. I currently play on Ship 3 and play as the Deuman race. I used to play on the JP servers, ship 2 as a Cast named Panzer Magi.

What got you into Phantasy Star: I played Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Cast

Favorite PSO2 Class: I play all classes... don't really know which I like most.

Platform: PC

About Myself/Hobbies/Etc: I don't know you well enough to talk about this stuff yet.

The name's Blues.

I played a bit on JPN servers the first year or so it came out, but dropped off largely because things got busy irl. Back now on NA Since it released.

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Casts. Oddly enough I started as HUmar in PSO1 switched over to HUcast til about lv 180-ish then just decided I liked the class. Played ranger, and I am not really much of a magic user.

Favorite PSO2 Class: I don't have one yet since i haven't played a large variety yet. Though I am partial to Fighter right now.

About Myself/Hobbies/Etc: Pretty avid gamer. I also work as IT support.

Hey, I’m Mono. I’m new to PSO2 and started playing with the launch of the NA version on PC, suffice to say my knowledge on the game is quite lacklustre. Currently playing on ship 2 and I’m trying out ranger which is quite fun so far. I wish y’all a good day and I hope to see you around ^.^

@Devmen heyy wanna play??