Introduce yourself!

I'll just go ahead and make the thread @GM-Deynger.

So I'll introduce myself now. My name is The Question or Shido whichever you would prefer to call me. I have been playing PSO2 on the JP server since 2014. I got into it after a co-worker invited me to a netcafe to play it with them. (Long story short version)

I have many hobbies that spand from reading and writing all the way to extreme sports and hunting.

I enjoy reading novels and go to Comiket every year to get new works and autographs from my favorite authors. When I'm not working or reading I am playing video games. My main genres are anything RPG oriented, Rhythm based, and strategy games. I'm almost alway listening to music and enjoy a very wide variety. Anyting from old orchestral style music to underground rap/metal groups.

That's all I have to say about myself and please feel free to introduce yourselves here as well.

Been waiting for someone to make one of these.

I go by Leon though you can also call me Zeta as that's the name of my in-game character. I'm a University Student in Australia with various hobbies including writing, art, coding, games, anime, etc. In regards to games I like... are too many to list so going by genre, I enjoy RPG, Fighting, Racing and Platformer games.

My experience with this franchise had certainly been interesting... I was at first mainly a classic series fan having never heard of the online series back in the early 2010s until I came across the site for the initial Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2. However, I kinda forgot the game existed due to the delay... but at least got to try out Phantasy Star Portable 2 at least. I did eventually get to play Phantasy Star Online 2 briefly on the South East Asia version in 2016 before switching to the Japanese version instantly. That said I did eventually get to try out the classic Online titles and even Universe and had researched a lot in regards to what went on.

When the game launches on PC I look forward to being able to play with all of you! 😄

I go by Malice. I have loved the PSO series since Dreamcast. I played PSO2 JP a little bit, but I have been waiting for a NA release to get super deep into the pudding.

I am pursuing a career as a Network Engineer (or anything relating to Layer 2/3) and have a career interest in leadership development as well.

My hobbies include playing video games, breaking video games, video editing, and getting sucked into the abyss of reading about theoretical/the future of routing and switching.

I prefer playing games on XBOX instead of my PC, cause I almost always get sucked rigorously testing the... vitality of the game. XBOX is just safer for me lol.

Name/Handle: Fomo

What Got You Into PS Series: Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast

Fav PSO Race: Cast

Fav PSO Class: Ranger

PS Games Played: Phantasy Star Online Ep1+2 (DC), Phantasy Star Portable 1+2 (PSP), Phantasy Star Universe(PC)

PS Fav Weapon: Heaven Punisher

Game On: Xbox One X and PC sometimes.

Hobbies: Fishing, Playing ice hockey, esports, grilling outside, spending time traveling with my wife.

I'm Rantious.

I go by either Red or Huck

I've been playing PSO2 on PS4/Vita since 2017 and I was on the XB1 beta as well. I'm a team leader on both JP & NA servers (Team Named Bullet Club).

My favorite classes currently are Hunter/Etoile & Techer/Phantom. I'll be playing Hunter/Fighter & Techter/Hunter on the NA server to start.

Ive always liked to meet new ppl in game ever since PSO1 days which I just started again on the private server (can't wait for PSU relaunch great PSO2 maintenance games)

You can contact me on discord RED/アキバレッド#5592 or on Twitter @Reddo_Howaito

I'm RAcast. I like to use freeze traps, confuse traps, and sometimes damage traps. My legs weigh several tons and make a lot of noise when I run.

@RAcast said in Introduction Thread:

I'm RAcast. I like to use freeze traps, confuse traps, and sometimes damage traps. My legs weigh several tons and make a lot of noise when I run.

Ur HP is nice.

I am Devmen. Anime and gaming video games are my absolute Hobby. I'm usually home 24/7 as I don't really got any working legs but I enjoy games with an absolute passion talking to people meeting new friends and so on so on. I'm usually on my Xbox quite a lot so yeah hi everyone I'm not really good at this introduction thing also I will be known as Devilia on PSO2 and I hope I get to meet many new friends

Edge Graystar is currently my main. Human, bouncer, brave, and hopefully go etoile. Beyond Eternia is my name across all platforms of gaming. I am a slightly old fart, thus my love of 80's pop culture. Voltron Defender of the Universe introduced me to anime and I still love it. Planning on maxing out my character slots and immersing myself in the characters a create. Phantasy Star 2 was the first Phantasy Star I played on Sega Genesis. The music, art, and story made me a huge fan of the series. Can't wait to jump back in and help other ARKS slay some Darkers.

Zephyr here, though I haven't completely settled on my character name yet. Played on the JP servers for awhile as Celes Volnutt, but never could get friends into the game there due to the language hassles, so eventually gave it up. Ridiculously glad to see the NA version hit!

Gaming is my main hobby, and I'll play most any genre, minus a few exceptions - namely sports, RTS, and any PvP focused games. Lately been alternating between XCOM 2 and Wolcen on my own, and Division 2 with a friend - oh, and a translated Phantasy Star Generations game for kicks ^_^. Basically, if I'm home, I'm gaming.

I used to write fanfiction and other stories of my own, but put it aside to try and focus on game programming - which hasn't gone great XD. Not the coding part - I get that - but the making myself focus on it and not playing games part. Still keep at it though, if slowly. May go back and finish an old story too, as I hate leaving one unfinished. So many options XD.

Anyway, looking forward to hopping into PSO2 with everyone (Ship 3, go!). PC player here, so hopefully that doesn't take an even longer wait!


Thank you Question!

First name: GM

Last name: Deynger

PSO2 JP 90/90 Fo/Te Planning on making a Gu/Hu in NA.

@GM-Deynger Mr. Deygner.

You forgot to include your catchphrase about living Deygnerously

Name: Ian C.

Handles: coldreactive, iyeru, Ian Sea (Fairy Boy/Fiction)

What got you into Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star Online 2 (Note about this later.)

Favorite PSO/2 Race: Neuman / Newman / Numan

Favorite PSO2 Class: Not have had the ability to play them all yet.

Platforms: PS4, PC, Android

Hobbies/etc: Video Games, Anime, RP'ing, Story Brainstorming

I have Autism, and have been diagnosed as such since I was at around 10 if not earlier. I was diagnosed with GIRD (Intestines, not esophagus) within the past few years as well, so I have intestinal trouble, so I don't have a proper play schedule/etc. I don't work, I have some college under my belt, but since I'm not good with working with others IRL (IE: I've lashed out at a superior, and quit my own job over it), I've been forced to live out my life in subsidized housing on government income. I've tried volunteer work, and it didn't work out either, far too stressful working at the Humane Society for the nearly 3-5 months that I did. My life has calmed down a lot since, and am happy where I am, playing games I could only ever dream of playing when I was younger.

A bit of a note concerning what got me into Phantasy Star. I had planned to play the original Phantasy Star/II on the NES/etc. when I still owned one more than a decade ago, but budget issues and time constraints when I was younger disallowed me to buy the game cartridge. I am really glad that Steam now has a couple of the original Sega Genesis titles on its platform, but it's really too bad we couldn't get the NES title, the one that started it all.