The censorship on being short should be removed.

Please no reused arguments over the years of gaming in favor of this ridiculous censorship. Also no just go download and play Jp version argument either.

We should have gotten the same exact customization options in Na as Jp. Nothing should have been changed at all. I want to make a short adorable character like many others. The only people bringing any negative thoughts about being short are the ones claiming "what if" statements. I do enjoy this game but I won't stop fighting for the right to be short.

"All the content" except the content that they find objectionable.

You want it removed?

Start pestering their twitter and emails.

Notify them of the US and global advertisement laws and link their advertisement of all the content.

Things start changing very fast.


I get that people want as many customization options as JP, but to be totally honest, I feel like this would just open the floodgates for some really inappropriate things, if you catch my drift. We're already seeing it in the SAs.

@HarmlessSyan I like your Mattel reference, haha

@ApollosAmour said in The censorship on being short should be removed.:

I feel like this would just open the floodgates for some really inappropriate things, if you catch my drift. We're already seeing it in the SAs.

If those flood gates open then let em have it,if its they're character they should be able to do whatever they want with said character, short or tall, lewd or not "freedom of expression".

Here we go again. These threads have been done to death already and will not end well for obvious reasons. They are more important things for them to focus on then a height restriction that does not effect the game at all.

@AzureCrownMalfest I get that, but what I'm saying is that sexualizing adult/young adult characters is a lot more agreeable in North America than sexualizing characters that are clearly meant to represent young children. And we've seen enough evidence via chat and SAs that that's exactly what people would intend to do. I'm sure capping the limit is a compromise on that, which I honestly appreciate.


We don't need sexualized children in pso2.

@Penndragon87 If you don't like it then you could just ignore it. Not trying to be rude just being honest. To you it does not matter that's fine to me it does. I want Na to have the same customization options as Jp. I shouldn't even have to be arguing why.

@GamerKillance The only one sexualizing anything is you. The only one comparing anything to children is you. Maybe you should go look in a mirror at yourself. The same reused argumens by people like you in gaming for years. I will never stand for this ridiculous censorship.

I think the height restriction is trivial and I agree that it doesn't seem like a priority they should focus on.

@Ranmaru That's fine you say this only because it has zero effect on any of you at all. Not everyone wants a big boob tall female char. Some like short cute and adorable.

We should get a higher max height to compensate!

@ApollosAmour i understand what you mean but the reason for capping off the height sounds a bit contradictory as the minimum height is still the height of a minor hell even if your going for a slightly taller character can still be considered the height of a minor. Pretty much what im trying to say is height really have no say in age, and sorry if it took me a while to respond.