The censorship on being short should be removed.

@Redex Here's the thing red.

I want the height limit removed so I can make my small Cast character.

However you associate EVERYONE who is making small characters within the creep group.

Thus you are making a baseless accusation based on insinuation and that my friend is freaking stupid.

Don't do baseless accusations and then try and act a saint.

For every 1 Sleeprunnerinc this game has, who just wants a cool short CAST.

There are about 100 idiots that would love to ruin this game by dabbling into those areas of 'Holy Mountain' Godlessness that can be seen in one of the town scenes with people dressing minors up extremely inappropriately.

You're battling me on a losing side, id press you not to continue.

@Redex I actually ain't.

You don't have any actual factual evidence nor numbers to support this.

And if you are going to insinuate that it's a possibility that letting people dress in anyway they see fit that they would dabble IRL in the same stuff, then we can argue that letting people shoot innocent animals, creatures etc in this game causes people to become deranged gun toting mass murderers.

Stop making stupid arguments to try and troll Red.


You're ignorant to this world if you think I am wrong on this subject, it's not baseless.

@Redex You have a very deranged view of this world if you think you are right.

Bring any concrete evidence in to this Red.

Because your comment is: People who dress up small chars are sexualizing children.

Which is akin to: People who kill stuff in videogames kill people in real life.


You're attempting to remove my contexts, I simply requested the Devs don't feed creeps and its a humble request despite others good wills.

@Redex I am not removing your context.

You are insinuating it and thus being irresponsible with what you have written.

Your comment could have been a simple: I am against this change and support the developers.

But you went further to insinuate that people are Creeps.

That is completely and wholyl on you and was an unnecessary part as you have demonstrated that you have no actual ground to stand on with said accusation.

I keep it real, unlike some.

@Redex said in The censorship on being short should be removed.:

I keep it real, unlike some.

How very Albert Fish of you.

@Redex You rreally don't.

IF your next comment brings no concrete evidence to support your accusations then you have no grounds.

Some people are creeps.


Plenty of ground to stand on in the statement.

@Redex And what part of Insinuating everyone is a creep who makes a short char fits in to that statement?

You are arguing with a pretty massive group of people here and immediatly insinuated that they are creeps based on ''Well someone might do this!'' And had the gall to yell that people are creeps for doing short chars.


Hmm..? I just asked the Dev's to not feed creeps. There are implications to that, like not removing height restriction.

@Redex Red you are very very bad at trying to speak around and turn the tables.

Get some actual evidence and learn some decent mannerism.


I don't really understand where you're coming from? Everything I said about what I've specifically stated has been true.

The same could be said to you, go prove me wrong, you can't.

I'd rather not argue with you more, as I said I'd press you not to continue.