Units with receptors

I would really appreciate if you get us an NAes, if not possible, atleast a method to farm those units that comes with Ext/Soul Receptor.

Without those, affix augments is a little limited.

I agree they should give NA PSO2es along with the free 100 Item Slots of Storage. Though, if PSO2es isn't coming here give out free daily items, as the mobile game would, and add a shop with the rest of those items with the equivalent amount effort as the mobile game, which was not much. Then still add in the free storage. Also add in the free 200 Slot OTP Storage, they need to be separate storages for sorting purposes. Also, according to the mobile developers of the English version of the other Phantasy Star mobile game "IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga", they plan to make it available to NA and Europe. So I hope PSO2 has those features integrated as the are in Japan, and it would mean another 100 SG a week. Though, I would still like PSO2es to come here as well, it'd also be useful for Mag feeding and Buying/Selling from the Personal Shops, though I think they should remove the 1 Rappy Coin cost.

Storage is actually not one of my concerns, i just want my damn receptors so i can enhance my units, that makes all the diference.