Anybody makes occasional trips to the NGS forum to see new posts or would people still rather talk about it since it gives the most traffic?

Made a couple of new posts there, but I honestly wonder how many people actually bother to go there. Especially if one were make a post about NGS it'll be sent to the forum, but this thread is about the people in the General Discussion rather than the people who are hyped for NGS like me. So it should be safe, anyway, do some of you actually check in that thread from time to time?

Edit: I'm pretty sure I posted this in the general discussions thread: But now I can't do it again because it'll be spam at this point.

I come here occasionally but it looks like there isn't a lot of activity. I'll try and come here more often.

This part of the forum will probably only start getting more activity once we start getting more info about NGS.

@Ezodagrom This will probably happen if more and more posts in the general discussion gets moved here.