Charm Emote: 47 Bugged

I purchased and used the charm emote. However, I noticed it is not showing up in my emotes inventory. This looks like another bug in the game.

Swing Light 2 turned out to be Rave 2 in the list, it might have a different name.

@AgNinja8 possibly be named different in the list or you may have your emote list not displaying everything, like I have mine set to show my favorites instead of show all

The emote will be listed on the "4. Other 2" tab under the emote name of Camera-Ready. A common translation inconsistency of this game (sarcasm).

This is not a request, but providing accurate info on question will help the question answered quickly, I felt. The emote number is 49 and available from FUNporium. If that was written from the beginning, this could be answered really fast...