What's with the crafting furniture in the SG shop?

There is no discription other than just that it's a decoration that can be placed in your room... I bought the cheapest one (230 SG) to see what it does... and it doesnt do anything? Was just curious if i was missing something or if the furniture in there is just bait for my SG?

@Teufel666 http://srpgp.supersanctuary.net/cirnopedia-test/room_13.php if you scroll down you can find what they do since our translators are entirely too lazy to properly translate item descriptions.

Yeah they definitely need to go through the translations again and add the descriptions. Some of them are actually rather important towards what they actually do.

These items in paticular... it's kind of rediculous that they wouldnt add what these do. They just assume people will look up the fan translations or something? I was okay with the "weapon equipable as a weapon" but these cost REAL money or rather a currency that costs real money. Even if it is farmable that's not an excuse. It would be nice to see what it does (in game). these furnitures dont even have a name in game. other than in the shop where you buy them. Once they are in your inventory or room it's blank.

My issue with this is that the icons of the crafting furniture in the SG shop don't even match any of the icons listed in that JP furniture database. They seem to be a different items from any of the ones JP had and even if they were listed on that site, there is no guarantee that they have the same stats in NA.

I understand them not bothering with most item descriptions, since they are rushing out the content so fast and item descriptions are often just fluff. These crafting furniture items, however, esp the SG ones, which are a substantial investment, need descriptions so we can know what their effects even are, since nothing else says anywhere. If they at least showed up under licenses or something to tell you what their effects were I could maaaaybe understand letting the community figure it out, but nope, not even that. They are basically charging $20 worth of freemium currency for mysterious black box that does magic hands ~something~... maybe...

At least the funshop ones only cost fun and we can at least assume that they are teir 1 versions that gave 2% buffs in JP based on their icons and such. The SG ones though... Not even that for a clue...