How is the Steam release so far for those who made the jump?

I am still using the Tweaker atm but I wonder how its working out for ya'll? Is there any complications or issues?

Seems fine for me so far. Haven't had any problems.

Mostly fine. Steam version has a bizarre issue where when you choose "exit to ship selection screen" it just punts you all the way to the title screen instead, though, which isn't a terrible issue but it's a bit obnoxious when you're character-swapping.

enjoying it honestly. only had 1 crash so far after emergency maint yesterday but cant complain :3

Its been great and I can also buy AC despite not being from USA.

0 issues. Definitely worth the swap. Don't even need it on your OS drive unlike the MS store release.

I've had no issue so far. I actually feel like the game runs much smoother for me on steam.

Steam version is great. It runs a lot better than the Store version (less stutter, even when Tweaker is used with Store).

Seems more snappy over all, IMHO. I'm using it without Tweaker.

Also noticed it has 4K scaling options in the launcher, too.

runs perfect...feeling bad for those who cant use steam and still being forced to use ms

I swear the graphics look a lot better on steam, though it might just be that the steam client is running better at a higher graphics setting for me? Anyways its a lots less hassle, still wish they did away with the base launcher though so still using tweaker for starting up.

Runs better, loads faster, less lag spikes.

I'm going to attempt the switch then! Thanks guys!