Lost Connection in Silver Tokyo

I lost connection while running Silver Tokyo and lost my key. Can I get my key back?

From their overview of Bonus Quests: https://pso2.com/news/blogs/bonusquests


Bonus Keys are consumed upon the start of the quest. If you disconnect from the server or abandon the quest, the Key will not be returned, so make sure you’re ready."

Basically, that is their warning to let us know that they will not refund keys lost to disconnects.

Well thats annoying. Its not my fault the servers are being weird.

That's a lame way to make your players pay the price. Lost a The Harbinger Gold Key due to same reason today (random disconnect during the quest...and no it wasn't my internet connection playing jokes). I already had the same problem with advance quests before like 3 or 4 times. Always got a random disconnect in the middle of the quest resulting in a lose of 10-20 advance capsules. They should give players a chance to re-enter a runing quests after a disconnect. Just saying "so make sure you’re ready" is the worsed they could came up with.

nope is just they saying that they will not take responsability for something that is out if their control, DCs happens when there are comunication problems with the host (server) and the user and both Microsoft and Sega don't have anything to do with that part so unless the entire server goes down they won't take responsability over it

It does suck, I got hit by a 630 today and it'd be nice if there was some failsafe. I don't think it was my own connection because everything else was fine.