Pso2 use to be fun

Pso2 use to be fun i could play with people on pc have them help with mission and help them in return have a great chat with some of them but since the new update came i can no longer do any of it it's like completely different and boring now it had that shine that no other game had and now it's gone....

@ANGLEOFDEATH69 I think it's just because Episode 4 dropped in and steam players came in.

They generally don't talk to many people and alot of people are focused on clearing the episode and then just either stop playing till Episode 5 drops.

Unfortunately not even the steam launch went without issues so people are pretty tired of the game and sega's failure to communicate changes within the game.

Hey i may stop playing all together cause of this bs but if they put it back on how it was it'll be great and they might not lose a lot of players cause of it

@ANGLEOFDEATH69 Honestly give it some time or try and see if you can hop on JP with some friends.

If nothing else, wait for New genesis or try some other MMORPG.

If you don't mind a subscription fee, then FFXIV is a very social MMORPG.

PSO2 is more or less lobby sitting simulator.

@ANGLEOFDEATH69 Put something back how it was, because you aren't happy? Do you have any idea how this sounds? For context, I'm talking about the scope of what your saying. Reverting to how it was, means getting rid of everything added last update, removing steam access to players that otherwise couldn't play on PC, because the actual launch on the Microsoft store was botched. And not moving forward with adding new content.

Most players are trying to lvl grind, or are trying to enjoy what they can of the story, (or not, as some are just skipping cut scenes, as they find it cringe)

i finished the Episode 4 "story" more like half of it since the other half was locked

Bye bye.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out, ya?

OP. Try joining a chatty Alliance. Shame on some of these replies.

@Ki-Rin A rare occurrence, where I actually agree with you.

@Lordsamuel45 Its called a cliff hanger, and it's a common thing done in storytelling, as a means of adding suspense.

Some players probably don't have the ability to chat or the desire to, and that's fine. Compare this to Destiny 2 where no one chats, even if you say something, it's rare to get a response.

Wait, what's the problem?

What a grammatical mess this post was. If you're too lazy to post something coherent, don't bother posting at all. As for what I could discern from this murder of English, you're asking for the impossible. How do you propose to force people to communicate? Even if you could force them, what you'd get isn't what you're looking for.

Its just about finding an alliance with a focus on communication and chat. That's one of the main focuses of the alliance I'm in.