How to reset crafted pa to default?

I learned Bouncer's crafted Photon Art and do not like it at all. How to reset it to default state?

There should be a Crafting-specific Swap Shop that has Crafted PA resets (and various other things like being able to trade up Materials), but it appears that it may not have been added in to the non-JPN version yet.

thanks for reply AndrlCh. Seems like devs forced me to quit playing this game couse my main dps PA of my favorite class now simply destroyed for me and I can not do something with this. Idiotism that you can not revert skill to default state.. Why we can not? Is it'll be cheat or what?

System of modified pa's and tech's absolutly stupid. Was it too hard to make crafted pa and techiques learning as new skills not rewriting original ones? OR Was it too hard to make simply using original skill disk clears it to default state?

Any GMs or moderators here? What I can do now? I need to revert Bouncers's pa - Strike Gust to original state. Any news when patch with skill resets discs comes out or something?

Same problem here. What am I even supposed to do now, delete the character? This is asinine.

Per what the GMs typically answer, the best way to get the devs to notice an issue is to submit bug reports through the support site about it. If enough people submit one along the lines of :

  • Please choose your issue below: Bug Report
  • Subject: Missing Crafting Swap Shop
  • Category: Lobby / Shops
  • Description: Swap Shop for Crafting system that includes Custom PS resets, material trades, and Crafting Room Goods is missing. It not being accessible is a major issue when it comes to properly using the Crafting system.

it might be enough to get them to know that we know that it should be in, and it is necessary that they add it in.