Hello Arks! We've set this section aside for those of you looking to do some additional marketing of your items for sale, or for those looking to buy said items. To encourage a healthy economy, we ask that you keep the following rules in mind.

  1. Please be fair in the trades you propose, as we’re all on the same ARKS salary and some have had less time to save than others.

  2. Please do not haggle in a mean or otherwise negative manner. At some point we're all just Arks trying to save up Meseta or Arks trying to beat an Achievement, so empathize a bit and keep it civil.

  3. When posting an item for sale or request, please begin the title of your thread with your ship number and name in brackets, like so:

    [Ship 2-Ur]

    This is so operatives can quickly scan the posts to determine which might be relevant to their Home Ship.