Please remove the need to have SG to preview Fresh Find Items

It’s kinda silly to have this restriction on a preview, I’m sure you would actually sell more SG packs if you open up the previews so people that don’t have the SG to buy them can see them then decide if they want to spend the SG on the items.

Example: I post a preview of the FF items on Facebook and today I show off the halter top and 3 people that did not have SG were able to see my preview and decided to buy SG packs to get this item

I agree. This restriction halves the usefulness of the brand new previewer.

I totally agree. There are things I might go forward on, but it's like buying a product without a good visual or being able to try it on. Something I can have physically, sure I might bite the bullet on an image because I can return it.

A virtual item without any form of return, not going to happen. I feel like I am in a high-class retail store in a top-10 city of the world. I can just hear the Sega reps saying, "Don't bother entering unless you got the cash, peasants". This mindset just does not sit well with me. I have already MORE than supported this game since it's release. The least Sega could do it make the preview window, viable for ALL sell able items, regardless of the SG status.

Yes, this is definitely a problem. Thankfully, Fiona Respha's thread still gets posts of previews for the items or I would have no idea what some look like. I hope this issues gets adjusted at some point.

Rezzing this thread because I ran into this problem today. 😞

I would really love to actually see if it's something I want desperately enough that I'd buy SG for it.