Should UQs be in Tier Missions?

I'm just thinking aloud and I love to hear anyone's incite. But I feel that by having Normal Urgent Quests open to everyone at any level kind of ruins the experience for lower level players. Tier missions puts way too much incentive for min maxers to come in and remove any challenge. Are there better ways of incentivising taking on UQs at the appropriate level?

there are, the drop in low difficulty is not worth it when you are in high level also you gain almost no exp, however the high difficulty UQ are not fast to finish and some just go in the low difficulty to finish then fast and get the tier missions of the mission pass done

@Jamesmor Right, so unless they're hardcore grinders they have every incentive to crash UQs. Considering mission pass isn't a thing in JP I wonder if Sega didn't realize this would happen. Do think it would hurt the ecosystem if UQs were left out of Mission Pass?

@Merelambasted it won't is only a few that go in low difficulty for that, most people just go in the highest difficulty they can get for the loot

There is far more incentive to do higher tier UQs than lower. Drop rate, exp. XH literally takes barely any time at all.

I hope so, maybe I've just had bad luck, the two times I've tried to go into NUQ there were upwards of 60 somethings in there, around a bunch of 15s. Thanks for your thoughts!

Might just be laziness. Unfortunately, nothing you can really do about that.

Yea, I actually hope they balance out the incentives some how. Its a shame that it compromises the challenge in game mechanics. It took me 6 times fighting baron blossom to see that it even had an engaging false wall move before it died. Its a terrible first impression for low level players. I guess the odds of having fun during UQs could be worse haha.

Gear scaling has kind of always shattered UQ balance, unfortunately. EH is actually 'easier' than SH because you're more likely to get a party of super-twinked out Nemesis weapon users.

But even one 60+ person in a low-difficulty UQ totally shatters it, because of how over-the-top number scaling in PSO2 is.