• PlayerID: Blue Pompman
  • Gamertag: Blue Froman
  • Discord: Blue Froman#0712

I have a ton of 20/20 rings for sale, here's a list of what's in my shop at the moment:

Left Rings:

  • Pacifist Zondeel +20
  • HP Restorate +20 (x2)
  • Alternate Launcher Mode +20
  • TMG Stance Up +20
  • Alternate Wand E. Charge +20 (x2)

Right Rings:

  • Enhanced Attack +20
  • Hunters Physique +20
  • Photon Flare +20 (x2)
  • Critical Field +20 (x3)

Combo Left Rings:

  • Time and Roll +1
  • Defensive Techniques +1

Tons of others in storage, including Mag Excitement, the newer Critical rings, and more! Feel free to message my PlayerID or my Gamertag for questions on other stock, make an order (which I will fulfill within a day usually), or to make offers. You can also reply to this thread or send me a PM on the forums, as I check them everyday. Have a happy day everyone!