Do you think things have gotten out of hand with the meseta value of items?

Ignore spending actual currency for items, and the fact of a "free" market, do you consider that the amount of Mesta needed for a lot of the items has gotten stupidly over priced lately? It doesn't help that every so often people are taking advantage of the fresh finds glitch and how the people who first started the issue where never really dealt with. I think that at this point there is nothing that can be done, but please do not let this happen on NGS.

With 3 characters and daily orders (staying free) one can easily make about 6 million per week. Now, one way of combating and earning more meseta and space is to buy another character slot so you can earn another 2 mil easily. But wear, consumables have been steadily rising. The amount of AC conversions to the supply and demand starts it off rapidly higher and seeing how the market fluxuates it seems to be more controlled with those who already have more meseta than they need or those who are willing to continue paying real life currency. Even with the addition of crafting, being lucky with rare weapon drops and affixs, it feels like at most your making enough for 1 item per scratch season. Not to mention that if we are still keeping this free, you can't make that income unless you are lucky enough to get personal shop coupons from the fun scratches.

At this rate, I don't see how other players will be able to keep up without having to purchase what they can, hold on to it and try and make what little they can. I only see prices going higher for what they are now regardless of popularity. There are a few ways that this could be fixed however. I know it's getting crazy out there.

Of course the prices are going higher, you yourself just explained why. You can get 6 million per week without any big effort. There are hardly any meseta sinks in the game that reduces the amount of meseta on the server, so people get richer and richer and stuff gets more expensive.