PSO2 Station+ August 7

As JP PSO2 welcomes the end of the 8 year PSO2 story this week - come see what is next for PSO2

They said there will not be info on NGS though.

Stream will be in JP, for those that can't understand - you can check out afterwards.

Gunblade class showcase is on the livestream if any is interested.

Part 1 of stream is mostly new AC/SG Scratches showcase - new seasonal events on JP PSO2, PSO2es, IDOLA. Adding Epilogue story to EP6, RL goods and RL collaborations in JP.

Part 2 - New Scion class is called Luster (and will be the last class) - detailed showcase of its PAs and it's 3 styles/forms, voltage gauge - a fast and stylish class - and YSOK only plays female chars 😁 for those that want to see the new Scion class in action, I think this part starts around 70mins into the stream

Road to Luster campaign lasting until September 30

Currently, they are going to release Luster class in JP on 16th September 😃

Also, an interesting point Yoshioka commented was, that the future information disclosures of NGS will be done simultaneously worldwide. This was somehow predictable when they announced that the information of NSG will be delivered through a different channel than the current JP livestream, but now they officially confirmed that.

NA Players will not get Luster Class this year since they dont have Hero, Phantom or Etoile class yet. At the rate NA version is releasing contents. It might be somewhere early 2021. Before Luster class even release over to NA. Its going to go through some tweaks over on the JP version for balancing.

And with that Nem/Slave Gunblades went from 500k to 3mil the the market in less than a day. 🙂

they went to 3m a few days ago for another reason marshal

Wait it's going to be the last class? What about successor classes for literally every other weapon type? You'd think they'd at the very least make them cover all the weapon types the council of six use, but they don't.

@Riesz (Sorry y'all, gonna use JP terminology for this one.) I feel ya man, but this has been Sega's way for a long time. Leaving behind unfinished business when it comes to releasing classes. It kinda bugs me when they don't finish their 'Trinities'.

It started off well as S-ATK, R-ATK & T-ATK had set the perfect precedent.

  • 1st Generation of Classes - Hunter, Ranger & Force.
  • 2nd Generation of Classes - Fighter, Gunner & Techer.

This is where weird stuff started to happen with classes and combos got broken. Not getting that R-ATK & T-ATK class triggered my OCD, still hurts.

  • 3rd Generation of Classes - Braver (S-ATK & R-ATK)
  • 4th Generation of Classes - Bouncer (S-ATK & T-ATK)
  • 5th Generation of Classes - Summoner (Not the R-ATK & T-ATK class.)

We all make mistakes, thus thou art forgiven. After seeing the errors of their ways, Sega turned a new leaf and adapted a new trinity approach. 3 weapons per class with one of each ATK type.

  • 6th Generation of Classes - Hero (S-ATK, R-ATK & T-ATK) [OK Sega, good start.]
  • 7th Generation of Classes - Phantom (S-ATK, R-ATK & T-ATK) [Yeah, still good. Keep them coming.]
  • 8th Generation of Classes - Etoile (S-ATK) [ 😑 ]

Had expected and would liked to have seen a third class with the 3 different ATK type weapons. I thought it was meant to be, as it was written in the Akashic Records and foretold by the ORACLE...

  • 9th Generation of Classes - Luster (R-ATK) [It doesn't matter anymore, you already strayed from the path.]

*Disclaimer: I am not sure if Luster is R-ATK based, just an assumption of the class trailer. But it sure ain't S-ATK, R-ATK & T-ATK.

@ErinXh some Etoile Superstar crying in the distance /s

@HarmlessSyan Totally forgot about that Class, forgive me.

EDIT: Fixed.