Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

@HarmlessSyan said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

@ApollosAmour yea keep being thankful and celebrating people leaving the global version of the game. Reason some of us hang out here is because JP does not have players forums and this is as official as we can have to communicate with other players (there's also PSO-world but that's not run by SEGA). We also want to voice our concerns and don't want more things from global being implemented on JP after what was seen with the mission pass - so we come here to figure out what's the scheme they have came up with on global server.

I left before EP4 even dropped - so not really involved in those shenanigans. The state of SG, lack of QoL that mobile games had to offer, censhorship/cut content prior to EP4 was enough to turn people away. Announcement of NGS and ability to carry over cosmetics just further convinced me that JP would be more fitting for me. There's alot of cosmetics I have that I like on JP and would rather not gamble on whether they make it over to global due to copyright or censorship.

I'm only celebrating the people that spank it to loli being filtered. If other people want to leave, it's unfortunate, but they're better off playing the version that suits them the best. It seems that most JP players that tried Global never planned on staying permanently, so they were bound to leave anyway.

I'm not exactly sure why you'd be posting in threads like this though. I get wanting to stay up to date with whatever the new version is doing, but it just seems odd when people from JP ask for/talk about creating change in a game they don't play.

This part isn't directed toward you, but I'm having flashbacks from old posts thinking about this lol How the bogeyman SJWs are ruining a game they don't even play, but the wise JP players will bring "salvation" to a game they don't even play. I remember asking someone if people who don't play the game's opinions are valid and it was basically a no if they didn't agree, but an overwhelming yes if they did.

@ApollosAmour You don't mind the censorship because it removes what you want removed anyway. ALL censorship should be condemned and removed.

Personally I feel like 'all the content' should mean 'all the content' but I'm also one of the weirdos who is sad to see the lack of OT weapons so my opinion can at least be partially disregarded. But I feel the lack of communication on such issues hurts more than anything else. A little insight into the thought processes behind these decisions could go a long way. And if this information does exist somewhere then it would be nice if it was readily available, for all I know it could be buried in twitter but a blog post or stickied topic would be nice.

I'm most saddened by the loss of smart innerwear. Some outfits just don't work without it and its confusing because some other innerwear isn't a whole lot more covering Silicone, Avent Grace or other similar minimalist innerwear. I have no idea if its because of wanting to tone down potential nudity or to push more AC purchases for those innerwears that don't clash. The latter seems a scummy business practice and the former seems a bit misguided since you always need to wear a basewear as well.

Unfortunately I'm not too optimistic on getting through to the people who can make this decision. Particularly not on the forums in a long rambling thread. I'll probably put up a support ticket at some point and in the future have to make my decisions on buying AC or SG scratches based on the fact that I won't have a universal low coverage innerwear.

Innerwears on this version are seriously devalorized because it is just not visible with ANY of our bases.

@Pennwick I would be really glad if they make camo OT weapons and add it to booster shop like extreme quest weapon. Some of them are really good looking, like this Firearms rifle in particular. I really love it when got it on SEA version and sad to see that it's not available in Global version.


Just gona drop these here

Both reports are from a while ago, since we are on the 8th anniversary and the current report did not have anything on character creation BUT it did have a report about the most popular clothes.

Why am I posting these?

Well I still remember people here on this very forums AND STEAM claiming that Loli characters were the most popular characters.

Both 4th and 6th reports disagree wtih the majority being 160cm, second being 150cm and then under.

In both cases, there's mroe characters over 150cm than under, meaning loli characters aren't as abundant as people claim.

If we combine breast sizes which both are found on those links, we can notice how people did not want to create a flat chested child character like many here wanted to demonize the JP server population for.

Since face it, if a person has developed pretty big chests already, chances are it's not a child nor can be a child.

So seriously.

However these two charts also tell that we lost a pretty big group of players BECAUSE of the height limit (combined with outfit changes, content cuts etc) so that was already a huge blow.

And the trend continues with bleeding players out nearly faster than Ring of elysium did.

@SleeprunnerInc A game that goes to lengths to report the breast size of their virtual player characters deserves a very special cookie.

@SleeprunnerInc That's not global JP ship survey, that's from players themselves submitting a 'feedback' form. They did so because it was some SG reward for everyone when the WEBPanel reached a certain amount of player registrations. So those forms are not very good to use for comparisons. Also, 130cm places at 3rd, that still means a lot of people are making them if there are a lot of submissions. So yes, by the logic of those charts, they are still popular. So I'm not sure what your point is. If it was to show that not many people are making these, well, your own source proved you wrong.

Also, look at the most popular female clothes under the image. Stella Heresy [Ba], 校衣舞神楽[Ba](this one is innocent, but upon moving your skirt goes upwards so you're essentially flashing your panties, think Goth Mini BA and Kirita(?) dress) and グラモラミニヨン among other clothes. The most notably used things among all female characters and proven by that chart is セクシーメイドドレス[Ba], the Cafe Maid basewear. With Smart Inner, one could essentially make a virtual jerk off bot that shows the nipples up front as with other things I mentioned in the other thread that I haven't read your reply to yet. And a lot of people did this in the so called "waifu cafe block" in their each respective ship.

Again, if you want to make lolis or short character, as I've said many times before, that's OK. It's just time to stop pretending these virtual avatars are in the minority when they're not. Anyone that plays JP can tell you that. NA probably wants to prevent all of these things so that they won't get in trouble with their state or having to up the ratings even more. Because little girls with super flat chests or especially super large breasts causes a negative company image. I really doubt this will change or even be reverted so it feels fruitless on keeping these threads alive.

Using a feedback chart from JP has nothing to do with Global, and you're singling out contests from 2014~2018. So no, that's not the reason why NA is "bleeding" out. My stance on this is that the player population died down because of the Error 5 and the Personal Shop issues that were horribly dealt with. I'm guessing a lot of folks gave up reinstalling because of Microsoft Store and didn't want a repeat of these events. Many expressed their distaste of having to reinstall the game over and over again just to play it for a week, new content arrives, launcher breaks in some way shape or form. I do think it has little to do with all these small limitations. If that was the case then people would've left after Beta. That obviously didn't happen.

BTW I saw some nice outfits on those charts that I hope comes over here, but since height and censorship is the topic it's excluded.

@Hecyna Until we receive official response from the company, those topics AREN'T going to die.

Some of us are already taking matters into our own hands by either not supporting the Global version monetarily, or modding their own clients back to JP standards, or stopping altogether and pulling our friends from the service by showing better stuff.

@Frost-Soar The fact that you're openly talking about modifying something that is server wide will probably get you and your friends banned the next time your files get flagged. Is that really worth being banned for?

@Hecyna I never said I was, I'm saying that it is an option. And it is really modding if you're just putting the JP files back into the NA ones? Because if you're going to say "different client version" I'll call you ignorant because the proof that we have the same client version is our recent maintenance to fix the shop dupe.

Also. Clothing is client-side.

@Hecyna you know, all of those surveys for SG that I have done, I don't recall any asking specifically about your character's cosmetics. Only thing that they ask about your character is how often do you play each class after certain updates but never ask which is your main class.

Take the latest one for example.

It specifies that it counts character that logged in during the time


So I think the stats are not just from feedback. Also the parts with PA and lobby action count during that period of time are definately server side.

Only part I think is done by feedback is the NPC popularity voting.

Last few survey I can find this one was about the update and combat balances implemented for EP5 this one was about official web broadcast, campaigns, events, and game updates this one was about another game update and campaign leading up to EP6 and phantom release

@HarmlessSyan The cosmetic parts is more or less an addon for this topic. The survey itself you are right about. It is just what the general popular class was at the time, why people like or dislike them and what their favorite outfit/layered wears are, general character data and what can be done to improve the game based on the current episode. They were then split into the polls you see. They were kind of never in the same bundle because JP likes things neat and organized.

JP doesn't care about the things NA side do unless it's explicitly public(as in, they do ban people for having a tail-like accessory in-front of a male characters genitalia so on, sorry, another footnote)

I missed that part about character logs from the 8th anniversary, so I'll top down and apologize for that part. Still, these character types are popular regardless, even if they may not be the first.

@Hecyna 1. I am not singling out contests from 2014-2018.

I am using them as a rather great topic to show how little has changed across these charts.

  1. Combining height and Breast size, to make a ''child'' character as many here pointed out, if we look at all of the anniversary reports... 4% Of all players would be eligible for that and that's fragmented across ALL HEIGHTs.

So with 20% or so making 140cm+ chars, it's very little people making these ''CHILD'' characters that would cause a problem.

150 and 160cm being respectively at 24-29%.

That's combinedly 53% of players which is over half of the playerbase.

  1. Feedback or NOT, it's still proving a vast majority of people on these forums how their ''fear mongering'' is false.

And it's actual EVIDENCE instead of fabricated bullshit created by people to try and cause an uproar.

So you can't ignore these.

I would have used the two most recent reports but unfortunately they do not have character data in them unlike the other reports before them.

So we have to go by what is shown there.

On top of that, I've been playing JP for a LONG time and you see maybe 1-2 RISK characters a day (I have posted screenshots before on these forums over a course of time to prove that point WHICH hilariously enough, people just decided to ignore as factual evidence and just argue past it).

So untill you guys bring in factual evidence to support your claims, they should be ignored for the most part since there's supporting evidence AGAINST these fear mongering claims.

Also I hate how these posts get changed with the numberings.

As for what you claim, Japan surveys ARE infact something that affects Global because guess what?


EDIT: And if you try to brush these reports outta the way, you are part of the problem.

You cannot just ignore factual evidence given to you.