Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

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Lmao, so glad I left this game. Thanks for nothing Sega. We're back to Sega not giving a shit about their Western Player base and instead are catering to those that don't even play the fucking game.

This game is now only SJWs' land.

I honestly don't know how to act anymore. I could drop everything and go away, there is always the JP version... But as they are the same devs, I completely lost the trust of the team, I don't want to support PSO2 in general anymore.......

Agents have handlers, servants have masters, and auxiliaries blab about serving you constantly while not engaging in any espionage.

I am not surprised, these kinds of changes are all over the place these days. I fail to see what it accomplishes beyond whitewashing as avoiding "uncomfortable terms" does nothing to engage with the reason for them being uncomfortable in the first place. Stinks of things will get better if we stop talking about them.

This is not a SEGA-ism but the handling of the changes is consistently poor. Could the Auxiliary ask how you want to be addressed? Least effort solutions like this are not endearing. SEGA had no problem with the original localization by virtue of having made it in the first place, but then jumped bandwagon and fiddled with it.

"If you're going to do it, do it right"

It only adds an uncomfortable term.

I have to say, the change they decided on is actually sort of disgusting. I was fine with Slave->Raven, since it's just a name. You can even tie Raven into the whole weapon lore thing if you squint and tilt your head. Plus some of the weapon names really were kind of pushing it. Master->Handler changes implications about how we view them, and it doesn't make things better. We've had the 'master' thing since PSU where our partners were literal robot maids and butlers.

I understand that there's people who still want to avoid the word, but 'handler' is just as, if not more dehumanizing since it implies they're being viewed as no more than a tool or machine. While 'master' in its worse case implies that the one serving them is being held against their will, 'handler' implies they don't have the intelligence or mental capabilities to do things without their handler pointing the way for them. I'm really hoping this is the result of the JP team not getting the English words beyond the dictionary definition.

The people in this thread already brainstormed several alternative ideas. Reddit suggested 'user', though I don't really like that one either for similar reasons. A combination of terms such as 'boss', 'leader', 'sir', and 'ma'am' sidesteps possible problems with the word 'master' while still keeping the dynamic for each personality type. You can even turn the formality up a notch and go with 'milord' and 'milady', or just drop it completely and use the character's name. None of those have anything to complain about unless you have a problem with hierarchical society in general.

This is just some stupid knee-jerk reaction to the what's going on right now in the U.S. If it seems like it could be twisted to be a racist thing, let's remove it. At least that's the new motto over at SEGA. If it's remotely got the potential to be problematic, it goes. Corporations keep listening to the wrong people, and those people they are listening to will still say eat the rich, even after they bent over backwards for these types of lunatics. All the while, they were never going to spend a single cent on their companies product, or service to begin with.

Master and apprentice are a thing. Used a lot in Star Wars, or in film or T.V. where a master of something is teaching an apprentice. The Lord or Lady of an estate, is often considered by the butler/maids there, as the master of the estate. This is why we are called master upon entering our room. It isn't rocket science, and if people lack basic understanding of the words they claim to hate, then they have zero rights to complain, period.

But that is where our society is at right now. Everything is racist, homophobic, or some kind of other ist/ism/phobic because the youth in society is so self absorbed, that everything has to be about them, or someone they claim to care about and speak for, and so they have to be offended by everything, and everyone. And usually they are offended on behalf of others, people that never even had an issue with the original topic to begin with. I'm so tired of this mental disease that's spread online, and I think it's source is social media, and people's obsessive compulsive disorder, causing a need for endless selfies.

That is one of the reasons I'm not on any social media platforms.

I think Mentor would have been a better word, as it still implies a teacher/student relationship. Yes, it would have been a change to bend over to those calling everyone else a "racist" (And they actually WENT there), but the resulting word wouldn't have been as odd as "handler". So if anything, I can petition/suggest the word switched to Mentor or something not Handler.

@Weirdo Social media, like everything else in life, is a double edge sword. It can be used to share art, music, world beauty etc. But it has a darker side, that being social disorders, sharing half truths in the form of misinformation, (all sides of politics are guilty of this) or make it easier for people to anonymously harass others online. But both edges have been a constant in society since the idea of civilised society was born. Social media only acted as an amplifier to what was already there. It's not the root of the whole issue, but it did exacorbate it, and made it far worse. Social media was a Pandora's box or sorts, only made a bad thing by the people whom use it. It's a tool, and like all tools, misuse, either accidental, or on purpose often leads to tragedy.

@ZorokiHanuke But you are not the teacher of the Aux. You are it's employer, and it is equal to your maid or butler. That said, a Master of an estate won't have hired help in this day and age, if they are mistreated. That doesn't mean that they still don't call you master.

Look at the Batman comics. Bruce Wayne's relationship to Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred always calls him Master Bruce. Should we have Detective Comics change that as well, to fit some new, and weirdly forced societal norm? Because I don't think so.

@Anarchy-Marine I understand that, but the word was removed. Only a giant amount of pressure would put it back. So I can only toss alternatives that don't force them into square one. Also, at least I see my aux's more as apprentices and beings to nurture up and protect, than employees. So of course that dictated my response as well.

@ZorokiHanuke I'm pretty sure nowhere was it posted that someone took issue with the term Master. So square one was just fine.

Edit: And I get that some players might become attached on a more personal level, as like their character, the Aux is their creation, that said, it's still a silly change.

@Anarchy-Marine Not from the noticeable public, at least. None that we know. But if they changed it, something or someone internally may have added pressure for the word to be gone. Sill, as demonstrated by all the other censors sill existing, those wanting those censors gone must be more powerful than the force keeping them in place, in order to remove them.

@ZorokiHanuke That, or someone made the decision out of fear of backlash. Just like everything else that's been censored in the game. All of which is plain idiotic. If your target audience isn't the player base you started with, or the player base that the game would draw, given its anime aesthetic, why in the Hell would you market it that way in the first place? If you wanted to market a game to some nutcases online, that take offense to everything, why even bother making a game in the first place? None of it makes any sense.

@Anarchy-Marine Indeed. It doesn't make much sense to have this change now, more when nobody seemingly asked for it. But, what you said is what I think. The people forcing the censors in are most likely doing it preemptively, thinking someone somewhere would have barked very loudly if the game was unleashed 1:1 as the JP version was, but they apparently never really asked if that was going to be the case.

@ZorokiHanuke People would have barked alright, but none of those people would have been actively supporting the game. Its happened numerous times in both gaming and elsewhere in entertainment, and you'd think these big corporations would have learned that by now. The more ground you give to people like that, the more the blind, and dim witted will listen to them. That's what the world is seemingly looking more and more like an insane asylum, that the patients had been given control over. The lunatics are now running the asylum isn't a new saying, as history tends to repeat itself.