Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

@ZorokiHanuke You mean that Rappy mini suits? Maybe, but not by much, as I've had no issue with them speed wise. I only ever saw a video of speed hacks, uploaded by another player in a forum thread here, and that was to ask if anyone else had to deal with cheating in PVP.

As a bad super casual normie, I don't need any speed boosts myself, BUT if being short does give an unfair advantage, that would make me feel different about a height restriction, if only for that. Again, IF this is true and it affects the game. If the boost is neglible, I don't see any reason to restrict though.

I remember Tera's elin animations argument, where min maxers claimed they found that for some classes, elin animations were faster and more efficient. It was at most some milliseconds, but we know how extreme min maxers can be with details.

@ZorokiHanuke I'd imagine that it would be more likely at least 1/60th of a second, assuming the game is running at 60 FPS. Frame rate affects the input lag and responsiveness of a game, usually if something does affect these things, such as animations, it can be measured in frames.

@Archetype-Luna I personally don't know why or how size would affect the speed of an animation. I mean, an animation is a single file that does or is supposed to do the exact same thing for every model using it. A 3D model's size is not supposed to affect it. But apparently people claim it does for some odd reason. Engine quirks maybe? The Tera argument I can understand because each race has their own sets of animations. But here in this game, every player character and many NPCs share the exact same animation files. So it'd be really interesting to find exactly how this may happen.

@ZorokiHanuke Yeah, I am not sure if there is an effect on speed with size. I am just stating if there is, it would be at least one frame worth of time.

I do know that height does affect at least one PA, the deadly archer PA, where the taller you are, the further it travels, which can affect things like the distance you may want to use it at.

Might want to put Censored Gaming's vid in the opening post.

@Lintaur I did. It's right before the first heading, under the straw polls.

@Archetype-Luna Yeah, I do agree that size does affect some moves and attacks based on size, I suppose because of calculations based on the character's virtual center and where the attack or move is calculated to spawn from. For a game to accept extreme changes in character height (Blade and Soul comes to mind), moves and attacks shared by different characters should not look into a character's size too much to dictate their effect. And yes, even as height benevolent as BnS is, some stuff still does get affected by height, and because of it, some races are not able to be certain classes. (example, the short Lyns can't pick any class that uses grappling).

Just came to drop my support here.

1 - My 3rd character on both PSU and PSO2 JP were child-like, to not being able to import it here was sad. PS series were the only ones that properly gave it as a nice option without looking like a gnome or a potato.

2 - Ep4 extra scenes. Really? Its a silly moment, with a pinch o fanservice, it doesnt affect the gameplay, BUT affect the experience of those who enjoy the RPG side of the game. It brings more about the characters to the table, plus most of the persons here who CARES about the game are used to anime or PS series, so its not something out of context to them.

3 - 2min in B69 seeing Symbol Arts and you understand that this censorship is useless...

Hello! I'm for the removal of any form of censorship. I think is the worst invention of the world, and false moralism is even worst. PSO2 is a good game, it's very sad the the Global version is only for american puritans. I'm from Europe, and here in my country no one cares about the so called "loli" in videogames and anime.

My question is: Since PSO2 is Global now, why they don't make a new server in Europe with all the censorship removed? It's ridiculous that the rest of the world must be sacrificed for american moralism.

They are acting all day with this absurd propaganda of: Protect our children! And then in reality they do nothing but repress adults, censoring everything, even where children cannot access for other reasons they censor anyway. If they really want to protect children, they should first make the sale of guns illegal, but the reality is that they love violence and gore more than anything else.

Theirs is a rotten moralism. This propaganda has really tired me.

I hope with all my heart that you will save PSO2 from this curse. Censorship must disappear!

@ZorokiHanuke From what I can understand, it's because the characters are smaller that it looks like the animations are sped-up and the game does seem to register milliseconds of the animation ending for the shorter characters.

It doesn't really affect much outside of speedrunning and doesn't really give an unfair advantage other than taking up less space on your screen compared to a GIANT character (I've always wondered why giants are slower than dwarfs for example)

@SleeprunnerInc The one only other reason I can think of would be mass related. From what I understand, virtual space also has to keep account of mass in objects (physics and all that stuff). Perhaps due to a tiny derp in the code, maybe an engine thing, objects with lesser mass may be a tad bit faster than objects of greater mass.

Again, just a shooting-blind assumption here.

@ZorokiHanuke Regardless we are jumping away from the topic!


I want the change removed to allow full range freedom of character customization for everyone, be it friends or that creepy guy in the corner who makes themselves look like a mass of lillipan worms.

We can easily weed out problematic users by reporting them if they do inappropriate things and the devs can see your chat logs etc so even if it's something said in private, you can get in trouble for that.

@SleeprunnerInc Eh, the convo was related to height so not really that out of topic. But I don't mind. Yes, sure, every change in content will make some happy, some angry. How many? I don't know. These clashes of opinions will not end, censors or not.

As for what to do about creeps in uncensored JP PSO2, I assume what you said (block + report) is how it's being handled over there? It'd be the same here if it went uncensored, I suppose.

@ZorokiHanuke Yeah, if need be. Of course, that's if anyone would actually be weird enough to do that. Those on block 69 may get a bad reputation for being perverts, but when I spawned in there once, I saw them helping out some new players, they seem pretty laid back, and weren't even passive aggressive in demeanor.

I don't think most of them would go so far, and I'd be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They just seem to be a bunch of people that like dirty jokes, and memes. Way more social than most of the other blocks at any rate. Of course I didn't stick around long, because they started with the over the top hentai symbol art posts. I also haven't been back since, so maybe I don't have a large enough view on statistics, to say whether or not players are really attracted to their characters, in some mentally broken way.

Edit: I haven't seen the social aspect of the other three ships, to know what would happen there, but on ship 3, it didn't seem too crazy, well besides the symbol art. I'd say block and report when necessary, but handle things on a case by case basis. This is all hypothetical, so I won't worry about crossing that bridge, until it's made.

Block 69 on ship 2 isn't filled with lewd symbol arts from my experience. I've spent some time there and yeah there are people in lewd outfits and what not, but they are just being memey and enjoy the social aspect of the game.

We already have a system in place for symbol arts where we can report inappropriate symbol arts. We can just do the same if someone goes too far with an unrestricted height limit.