Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

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@MasterDarkwingz he did what page

This is a long "debate me" thread.

Give me some time to edit in a Page Link and a screencap.

Btw, there's another Thread Link and another screencap coming up.

Like I said, recycled arguments from September/November of 2020.

TLDR: If your game has minor accessibility and you want uncut content, then add Parental Controls.



I had no idea there were so many games with chibi-like characters! I just have a Lyn in B&S, I like that her outfits are always classy and beautiful even though I love Gon-only classes, I just hate overly revealing clothes on my character period. Chibi usually gets puffier skirts to choose from and more Magical Girl looking stuff which is more my style. None of that is locked to race in this game but I miss that rounded, cute look from other games.

@Drakaina said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

@MasterDarkwingz he did what page

Page 1, in the opening post.

@Milk Yeah, the short and cute race/character is kind of a relatively common trope in games nowadays. There are a lot of appeal to them from what I've seen. Elins were the most popular race in Tera for example, to the point where their uncensoring actually kept the game afloat for a while. Pretty sure Klee made the most money out of all of the Genshin banners. Lalafells being lalafells...

Here is the Klee revenue in comparison with others banners.



This just goes to show that cute sells more than sexy does.

@Weirdo I added one more picture. 😉


Venti to my recalled knowledge is short. Here's a height comparison to Klee.

Via Reddit and another guide thread: alt text alt text

@MasterDarkwingz Venti is the same height as most other male characters, but he does fall into the small femboy niche that isn't as easy to access with the height restriction in PSO2 Global. Hard to be small and cute when the people who aren't trying to be are the same height as you.

Huh. So a Japanese script writer literally wrote the answer to our question:

SEGA can't comment on behalf of SEGA of Japan, because it was indeed some investor's fears of Cancel Culture.

(Which apparently doesn't exist while still existing in Twitterland.) 🥁 🥁 🎊

Long story short... even Japan is tired of the politically correct hypocrisy and censorship of an author's work.

If this was indeed the Global team's prerogative...

SEGA is better off letting JP hire Australian translators or at least translators in Japan looking for an apprenticeship.

(Oh, and local hiring is simply cheaper for a large company sending data overseas.)

alt text

So it's cancel culture then

So if it's an investor's fear of cancel culture, how about we find out who it was and cancel them in turn?

@The-Merfox We really should be doing this stuff, we should be canceling people that want games shut because they disagree with one little thing and think it should be censored, or not have the game released over it. Why should they be the ones who have all the cancel power, we should be canceling them, not the other way around.

@Riesz Amen to that.

I always call in cancer culture since their ideas are so cancerous.

They're the type to moan at Mortal Kombat and want it's blood and guts took out

The type of people that moan at dead or alive because it's too sexy and want me outfits censored