Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

@RainGnyu ...Rain... You're just being stubborn, again. If you disagree with anyone that agrees with one person, you're just being illogical. With what Luna is suggesting for the toggle, it'd be fine and acceptable. Besides, it's not like you're going to turn off the toggle, unless you were putting up a front for the sake of it. Though that seems unlikely, correct?

@RainGnyu I haven't even suggested a specific toggle. If you actually read my posts, I am asking how encompassing the toggle can be vs the complexity of the implementation.

In fact what do you think my idea of a toggle is?

Right now, the one the one that is the easiest and least resource intensive to implement is one that checks the height of a character and not load the character if it is under the current minimum. That would at least let us set the minimum height back to matching JP's.

The issue is that it does not cover any name, dialogue, cutscenes, cosmetics etc. It only covers one aspect of censorship, the height limitation. So what can be done about those?

@ZarexWolf I haven't put any full support behind a specific toggle method as they either don't encompass all forms of censorship or appear to be incredibly complex and time consuming to implement. I am asking what people think should be done with these holes?

Tbh, at this point, I wonder if it would be better and easier if they officially open up the JP servers for anyone who wants to transfer to them, for a fee of course. Add a character transfer option that lets you transfer to the JP servers. Have a sort of semi-unified service.

Ah, apologies then.

@RainGnyu Yes, you are inclded in 'WE.' The 'WE' is the whole PSO2 community. If you don't like Luna's suggestions, then suggest your own form. Luna's seem to be based on what might be easiest to code and implement.

I’m for a toggle system where the offended viewer can hide the short characters from their particular screen but I wouldn’t be ok with a system that automatically makes a short character not load for anyone else. Make it an individual choice, just like I can turn off symbol art.

One concern with the height check I have is if it tags characters using mini-suits as too short since I am not sure how it works for that case. I would hope they have a separate class or object from other outfits so we wouldn't have to worry about it flagging those.

@Weirdo That's what Luna has been saying about the complexity of the toggle. The more exacting it is, the harder it will be to implement. It's likely why when they censored height in the first place, it also effected tall characters. That's why I'm waiting to see if this is addressed when New Genesis releases, as they are already overhauling a bunch of things. I have an understanding of code implementation, not a full working one, as I can't do it myself, but I've seen what goes into it and it's why I stopped trying to explain it to Rain a while ago. It would be nice if he would go and read up on these things, because then at least he'd be on the same page. Then maybe he'd have some idea as to the type of toggle, and be able to answer Luna's question from earlier.

The height one would be an easy blanket, but yes, unless they added some type of chek system, (one that checks if your wearing a mini suit, or a layered wear for instance) mini suits would get flagged, as it would blanket fix anyone below a certain height.Depending upon how the censor would work, you'd either have a bunch of grey blobs running around, or everyone would simply appear to those with the toggle on as the current minimum. SEGA has talented people working for them, but even so, they are focused on NGS, which is another reason I'm waiting for that to release, as the implementation of a toggle is not something you should ever rush to being active. It's not like creating better prievew screens for cosmetics. That's was doable, as the framework was already there when they tacked that on.

@Milk Well, presumably, it would only hide if you have the toggle set to on. So it would still be a choice.

@Weirdo There should be a way to read base height as rappy suits already bypass the minimum height limit. However, yes, when you start looking at adding more factors to the toggle's filter, the more difficult and complex it becomes to implement. It is something that has to be considered as a toggle is a QoL improvement that makes Sega no extra money. The more costly it becomes to develop and implement, the less incentive for Sega to develop it.

You guy seem to think that Sega isn’t taking those issues into account. Come on guys....:.get real. Sega has a lot more experience than you guys. More so that they have been dealing with the code on a personal level. What you guys are talking about doesn’t make sense and all comes down to, is shout post of destruction that the endeavor is to complicated to even try.

You guys have no expertise on the code of the toggle censorship system.


I think yall should do a protest day on your ships and see how many people come to it. Would be able to get screen shots for your OP and will get more support for your cause. Because right now sega left you on read and GMs gave you a very "ill let the dev team know!" response.

A handful of people is easy to ignore for sega compared to screenshots of many people protesting in some way.

@Weirdo I think SEGA will take that into account, otherwise it'd defeat the purpose of having the "mini" part.

@Ashe-Kinsilla That is a good idea, but also not since it can be twisted into something evil as some people would like to do. Protesting is a double edged sword, but it is effective if done in a proper way where it doesn't gets put under the wrong spotlight. For now, it just seems like this thread is the safest bet.

I say go for it!

@RainGnyu Sega taking those issues into account is exactly why I want this discussion into logistics. There is no money to be made from a toggle system. It would purely be a quality of life update.

From a pure business perspective, it is more cost effective to leave any censorship as is, but to never censor anything again in the future. However that would probably the worst possible outcome when taking into account both sides of this debate. Technically speaking, it would not be the worst outcome for anti-censorship.

Following that, a removal of censorship and no additional censorship would be the next most cost effective. It would only involve work to reverse previous censorships and no additional cost would need to be spent on any future censorship.

Continuing censorship comes afterwards, albeit a bit vague due to being associated with future costs. It has no initial costs, but rather has the cost of any future censorship.

A toggle system has the highest cost as it involves the development of a new system and future censorship costs.

Remember, it may be possible that Sega may see a complex toggle system as not being worth it when it comes to cost if they deem what we are asking for as being too complex; especially during NGS development. We increase the probability of something being done by being realistic with our expectations and giving them something to work with. Different people are expecting different things from a toggle system. So it is very currently vague as to what is expected from it and whether it will deal with all issues of censorship.

As for expertise, I am a Computer Science Major so I do have experience programming as I have shown in a previous post.

I see now! You guys are forecasting! When the toggle censorship system gets here you guys are still going to protest is what I am reading! You guys don’t want it fair you want it your way!

@RainGnyu I think it's pretty apparent that you are either completely delusional or just wilfully obtuse. People should stop interacting with you altogether.

Personally i don't really care as i just skip all cutscenes anyway, and the shortest character you can get is short enough. Of course in the same vein it's not like it would be a problem for me if they removed it. What do i care what other people do?