Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

Please don't be so hostile, I'm not attacking you- I'm just showing my support for letting us be short.

Hitsugi and Kohri are canonly minors in that bath scene. That is why it grosses me out. If SEGA were to include it, I would just ignore the weird fanservice's existence like I have to do almost every time I play a JRPG. Ironically, the Persona series does it a lot.

Klariskrays is canonly an adult by her episode 4 design, which is where the screenshot is from, and look at the height difference. It's not about being a child or not, it's just about height.

Harriet Battlewear [Ba] Has been censored.

@Diventure said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

Harriet Battlewear [Ba] Has been censored.

At first I assumed this was just the icon being shown with innerwear (since some of the icons are just displayed weirdly on the site) but yeah, looks like it. For whatever reason, the innerwear is now forced as part of the basewear, which it normally isn't: alt text (the black here being default innerwear for thumbnails and not actually a costume part)

. Which, if the issue was just Harriette in story mode stuff (since she's 16 or whatever years old), wouldn't it have been enough to just have her wearing the innerwear and basewear together? As far as I can tell, that would have the exact same cosmetic effect for her while not actually impacting players.

@ApollosAmour So, what's this time the reason you're defending censorship in a M rated game.

Got to say. They actually know what a bra is and how it works.

@SternalVessel61 Why bother arguing it when you're going to plug your ears whenever it's something you don't want to hear?

@ApollosAmour You haven't given a single good argument so far though. You just keep defending censorship for no reason.

Yeah, screw this. Screw Sega straight to hell. This has officially gone too far. I mean, it was pretty far already, but this just proves that they will censor just about anything. This is pathetic. This game can go to fucking hell.

It is January 10th 2021. PSO2 is on episode 6. This thread has reached 200+ pages. Global is still censored and Sega has said nothing. NGS's release date is announced and it will be censored in the west as well. "I'll play it but I'm still going to keep posting" forum user Masterweeber9000 says. "This is bullshit! I'm only going to spend 100 dollars instead of the 500 I would have because the censorship!" says Oniichanlover69.

It is December 12 2021. This thread is at 400+ pages. NGS is out, it is censored in the west. "I'll never give up hope." forum user touhoulicker420 says. "We just have to show Sega that censorship is bad and they should feel bad. They will cave once they see how the playerbase really feels. They will wish they had all this money". Sega had record profits this year. The majority was from PSO2 global.

I'm gonna be the hated opinion here, but if that was the original Harriet outfit, it looks plain silly, and the censored version, aside from being censored, makes more sense to me. It's the same as the current skimpy FF outfit. As I said before, I'm not a super prude, but I feel some things in video games, especially outfits, have been extended way too far out to make any real sense. Yes, I understand it's fantasy, yes I understand sex sells. But I feel there are many other ways to sell a sexy outfit without going on such things as exposing a full bare chest on them, and only letting the inner wears act as actual cover. And PSO2 isn't the only one on this. Some Korean MMOs push this bar even further...

On the other hand, devs, if you are going to censor an outfit, for the love of all interstellar alien waffles, put some damn artistry on it. Just don't put some ridiculous grey patch over what you want to cover.

Kind of knew this would happen and there will be more to come. Time for people to accept this is the path of global servers.

@ZorokiHanuke I mean, you could just slap inner wear that cover the entire chest on your character and boom, now it's appropiate to you liking. That's literally what customization is all about.

I don't even like dressing my character like a stripper and this censor is still pretty bullshit to me lol

I'm going to wait until I'm actually able to see this in game. This could just be the default/stock image they are using as a baseline example. I have several of the more expensive innerwears to test this on.