Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

@Anarchy-Marine In a more general thought, and in bare street words, I say this world is turning to shit because people ran out of meaningful things to fight for and decided to invent new things to keep the fighting.

That is a fact.

I agree. Anyone complaining about this change needs to go outside and throw a football.

@jimpjorps Yeah, your clearly a troll based on your thread history, so I'm blocking you.

Guys, I'd advise just coming over to the JP server, Ship 2 has a healthy english speaking community, the japanese who play there are also very friendly and often like to chat with us! not to mention more fleshed out content and ZERO censorship.

Refuse to support this mess of a release, I didn't wait 8 years to be shafted in such a petty way. I gave up on global a while back, hence the lack of posting on here, came to check if anything had changed for EP5, wasn't surprised to see it hasn't changed at all. at this point I'd say it's not really worth fighting for if your voice is going unheard and to just let the game eventually die out, after all sega, why promise the whole cake if you're just going to stick your fist into the center of it and turn it into a mangled creation that those who have waited to play can also enjoy? why cater to the minority?

Life goes on, I'll continue to play JP as that's where I can have creative freedom, My smoll characters, my outfits, anime crossovers and so on, should they cap the height for PSO2 NG in JP too, then I'd gladly move away from PSO all-together.

Sick of games being changed to suit people who get an awkward Boner over a small character then start pointing fingers and accusations at others because they don't know how to deal with their own feelings other than just blocking it out and pretending they're still normal.

Anyho, to those who decide to come to 'greener pastures' See you on the flip side! until then Bois/Girls.

P.S - For any who keep up the good fight, kudos to you, really, you've been fighting for it for so long and I hope that one day the feedback is heard and that you get the full game as it was intended.

I'm here to actually write my very last post. My last visit dates back to last September 13, when I decided not to write on the forum anymore. But there was some hope in me, I thought that maybe with EP5 they would find a solution. However, this was not the case, and indeed, the situation has even worsened by adding even more censorship.

I honestly think this is the worst localization I've ever seen with the worst treatment towards players.

After months of continual and repeated emails from us to customer support praying and begging for something to be done, we have been completely ignored and deceived.

SEGA doesn't care about fans, they don't care about money, they just care about making a good impression in front of a sect of a certain minority.

Completely disgusted with the whole organization behind the PSO2 localization project, the whole team of people, each of them has a certain responsibility.

This message of mine will at most be read by some underpaid GM who has no say in the matter.

SEGA has completely lost me as a customer, forever. I will never buy any video games released by them anymore. Sorry, some titles may be good, but as a matter of principle I won't give them a dime.

@Emmerson-T-Kenny This has been your "last post" like 10 times now chrnodroid

@jimpjorps It seems like people are getting filtered at least.

@jimpjorps said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

I agree. Anyone complaining about this change needs to go outside and throw a football.

The recent changes are really knee jerk though. There is no way they needed to make a number of these changes. Like blacklist to blocklist, the term blacklist has been used for years without controversy. I really doubt anyone really found the auxiliaries using the word master to be offensive either.

@Archetype-Luna Unless someone is THAT sensitive to these things, which is more common these days than ever.

@ZarexWolf Yeah but the number of people that sensitive is such a small number and that there is no way it is a significant change. The fact that they are taking time to make these changes and not doing things like actual item descriptions is really bad. Like honestly, I don't think I can recommend anyone the Global servers when the JP servers exist.

@Archetype-Luna Eh, it feels like it's a special sensitive person or group that got involved and felt entitled to force SEGA to do these ignorant and unwarranted "censors."

So what, do we have to just act like them to get change?

@Weirdo Well, you'd think common sense would win, but I feel like it'll be the never ending fight of ignorance vs reasoning. Still, I kinda find it funny how some M rated games that released this and last year had little to no censor problems, but when it comes to an MMORPG? People go off like fireworks trying to "protect us from such tainted things."

Censorship and their self-righteous attitudes (including the lack of compromise) are what are really tainted.