Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

@Aida-Enna I mean often times the developers don't really know the lore better than the actual players.

Looking at all the plotholes regarding Alexander in FFXIV and such.

Soo yeah.

But ya, NGS really needs to take the player feedback seriously since we can't go forward in this day and age without actual communication.

Communication with customers is the key to success after all.

The only communication we have is bot-generated responses in customer support with the usual copy/paste phrase :"You can rest assured that this will be forwarded to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your continued support."

@Silvalance said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

The only communication we have is bot-generated responses in customer support with the usual copy/paste phrase :"You can rest assured that this will be forwarded to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your continued support."

I wouldn't go that far. I feel calling the current responses bot-generated demeans the support team a bit. It definitely is by no means ideal or even good, but we do have to understand the position the support team is in. They essentially are unable to really give any other type of response and are basically are between and a hard place.

The blame for this is more properly directed at Sega of Japan for setting things up like this.

@Flowen231 That's not a very good argument because it's not like we're playing with people who are under the minimum height, therefore nobody is at an inherent advantage and gameplay is unaffected. If you feel you're getting hit too much because your hitbox is a miniscule amount larger, then you have other issues and should learn to dodge properly.

Japanese players have an advantage. They get a gameplay edge on their version of the game which we don't have access to. There are lots of min maxers on pso2, and the fact that our potential gameplay min-maxes are gimped over an arbitrary sense of censorship is extremely stupid. That alone should be intolerable regardless of reason or circumstance, but especially in a game with an M rating.

Censorship is there to protect people, but what sane and reasonable adult needs protecting from content they can skip and avoid? And if said people are bothered by that stuff so much that they can't skip and avoid it by principal they shouldn't be playing the game in the first place, because whether you love it or hate it, pso2 IS that kind of game and the censorship is ruining it one way or another for people.

Having an uncensored game would straight up let more people enjoy it while not affecting anyone with enough sense to press the skip button for things they don't like. Perfect example: I think the entire pso2 story is incredibly stupid, I skipped the whole thing, did the missions, collected my SG, moved on.

@Flowen231 My team on JP, consisting of 31 people, none of them intend to move to Global solely because of the censorship. Only I wanted to try it, and I was disappointed. They told me, but I still wanted to try it. It's actually not fun here and there's a feeling of oppression.

@Michelle Tbh I don't really care about anything that got censored outside of height for gameplay reasons ;p. I'm just against the censorship on principal and fear that they will affect more gameplay down the line because of more dumb censorship. I don't really feel oppressed though, just kind of annoyed that the full game wasn't released and their release order XD. Atm all I'm doing is waiting for EQs, getting disappointed that they won't drop things I want, and farming returner.

But I digress. I'm very pro-player. As long as I have the ability to skip things I don't like, censorship is pointless and should not be a thing. Love your signature btw, you should also toss in weapon flavor text in there XD.

Yeah the change from Slave to Raven is proof that there will never be weapon flavor text.

I really, REALLY don't like the height restriction on the NA version, but because of such a different reason, let me elaborate.

The NA servers have been steadly catching up in content with the JP one in vision of the shared launch of New Genesis, the supposed GREEEEAT expansion to the game, or, better saying, the whole new game that it'll be. When NG comes out, it'll be the "new cool game on the block", the shit that a lot of people will come to, as, you know, you don't really need to play PSO2 before to play PSO2NG, you can just hop in one and be happy, a lot of new faces shall come see tafuq is this about and give their opnions... and is there where the catch comes.

When NG comes, people will start their first impressions and reviews of this weird new landscape, combat/gameplay and, very importantly as well, character customization, quite the soul of most RPGs, and how much options you have in chosing different sizes, shapes and colors and how the FINGERS MOVE (OMG ! HAVE YOU SEEN THE FINGERS ? THEY MOVE !), and then, the bomb will drop.

The Height.

The discrepancy between the versions that will drop simultaneously is that the japan version can have characters that are basically childs, in a game with such a wide array of...erm..."revealing" clothing, and that, will give Japan a bad image. Not in such a conventional sense, this sort of behaviour has been discussed around the world for a long time, the "loli culture" in japan, thing is, never (at least that I've heard about) something similar has happened in gaming industry before, of a localization limiting customization for such motive, people will look at the japanese version as degenerancy, as something to be disgusted about, and that will spill into soo much more controversy judging not only the Japanese version, but probably the culture in itself (as "loli" characters are quite common there), and the global version ends up with the high ground, being the one which "stopped pedophilic behaviour in a videogame", it's all about cultural difference, but in this scenario, history will not see it that way.

That bad image will be terrible for the industry as well as the people, but, this is just one of the possible outcomes in the foreseeable future. What I mean by that is...the opposite could happen, perhaps, the change in the height cap, can be implemented on the japan version before all that happens, I say this, because they have the perfect excuse for such a thing, being that "the changes on the characters customization modeling restricts some options" or some shit like that, hell, they could even say that for the "moving fingers" to work the game needs to have a height cap, soo, NG drops, and all the previous very shorts characters are either prompted to be remade on the new graphics engine, or just scaled up to the new cap, boom, the game didn't implode from a media perspective...immediatly... Because such decision WOULD angry the fan-base, which would promply ask back their "loli" characters, and that behavious would then be the spotlight instead of the game in itself, the fans that want the minimum height back, and we've come full circle. In any ways, the global decision comes on top winning, and paints japan in a even worst image than it already has, being honest, this may be what they've been thinking with the cap since the start.'s a problem, like, I don't really care about smart inner and some quite useless cutscenes, some people like it, I don't blame em', I just don't like PSO2 story in general (FUCK YOU MATOI), but that height thing will be a problem that just can't be addressed correctly, we can try all we want to bring attention to it, at the end of the day, it'll not change, I mean, at least, it's very unlikely...VERY UNLIKELY to happen, and probably shall be the rule to defining what will happen in next years as well, mark my words, the cap will spill to the japanese servers as well.

@12K I find your fear of the height and the logic leaps you took to be intriguing at best.

Here's the fun thing to, PSO2 so far has been the only MMO I've played where people were whining and screaming about the height.

Most other MMO's that I've played have never had any kind of response to height stuff other than for special races (Like elins in terra) to be locked at X max height as an example or that people got annoyed that they can't play X race cause the characters are too big/small and can't be made to be X height to look more pleasing to the eye.

In the case of NGS with global VS Japan, people will notice the lack of customization and rather than go for the leap of logic where Japan bad global good, it will rather yell at global: Why is this restricted?

And we will be back to the height war topic of people claiming Height=Age.

This is the first major issue that has to be raised up at all times when anyone makes any comparison to pedophilia etc in videogames.


I don't know where these people suddenly sprouted from that are taught that people under 150 are children no matter what.

Not only that, the logical argument surrounding the height issue is astoundingly vague and stupid.

There was never an official statement, there's not a good official response to give either.

If it was about the possibility of AGE being the issue, the devs can always make the IRL statement which is completely valid that all player characters are at minimum X age which is at this point 16 to my understanding of PSO2 to be a field operative.

Not only that, there's a strange case of acceptance when the characters ARE NOT HUMAN.

And in PSO2s case, the player characters surprisingly ARE NOT HUMANS but rather aliens created by the photoners.

This is explained within the first 3 episodes.

So the logical argument that alot of people use for accepting for example an Elf to be young looking but 5345 years old (DnD), has to be accepted here otherwise it's hypocricy and should affect DnD and all other fantasy related things.

Plus it really pisses off people who are X height IRL and X being less than 150cm.

Who gave anyone the right to call them children?

Don't do those arguments or give justice to anyone regarding that.

@SleeprunnerInc Thing is, we need to think on how the global audience would react to that problem, right now, it's not something most of the players are aware of, and more so only a niche part of the community has been discussing it, but, if it has to be revealed to the world, how would most people react to those circunstances ? Looking it has a limitation of the blobal build, the one which in theory appeals to most of the world and is the one most people will have contact with, or to be a problem on the japanese build, the only version of the game in which those options are available. This problem will either go unnoticied to most people, or will evolve into a big mess...

I agree with everthing you said about short people tho', and also how this is the first time something like this has happened in an MMO, you bring up some very solid arguments and I respect you for being so civilized, thank you S2

@SleeprunnerInc From what I understand, the argument from the side that wants censoring is not just about height. It's about looks as well. Get a certain combination of looks + height, and some of them will visually associate characters with children. I mean, they wouldn't see old stocky bearded male dwarves as that, nor a mini or micro adult with adult proportions (like current auxiliaries). The trigger happens when the character has features like a bigger head in relation to the body, bigger eyes, soft skin and non curvy bodies in the case of females, all with a general human look. That's the point of contention here.

Where I see many of these players wrong is in their assumption that there's this huge group of creeps ready to press the install button the moment the censor is gone, and the other assumption being that those creeps are somewhat gunning for them to annoy them and creep them out by constantly showing them those lewded characters everywhere (which was already happening over symbol chat, and it wasn't aimed at anyone, but at everyone). But Global and NA are not Japan, and here we see a lot more people wanting to go for character types different from the "loli" trope. A lot more players over this side of the world prefer to play male characters as well. Heck, even symbol chat offenders I've seen use male characters...

As my experience so far here in this game, I've seen the "thicc" trope (women with over sized legs) much more often than the "loli" trope, at least what little I see when I dash past lobbies nowadays. Heck, I've actually seen even more robot/gundam creations and male knights than people attempting child like characters, which are entirely possible to create with the current tools.

So while I do believe some of them have a valid fear and disgust of it (I do too), it seems fewer players than we may have thought are actually going for the short kid template. Again, from what I've experienced myself. I suppose others may have had a different experience depending on where in game they have been.

@12K I doubt the cap will spill to the Japanese servers. Sega of Japan likely still treats their JP player base as their main audience and they likely know that such a cap would not go over well especially when they currently have a lower cap. They know there would be a backlash if they tried such a thing and I doubt they would want to deal with such a backlash with their JP players.

EP5 is coming. I hope they have found a solution regarding the censorship.

They didn't.