Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.

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@EternalChronicles Personally I don't see it as pointless.

It's to assure that the content of the game is not suddenly changed without notification.

Well I guess this is the new anti-censorship thread we're moving to.

I've been against the pointless censorship from the beginning. You're game is rated M. If someone sees something they don't like, they have the developed brain power to move on. You don't have to hold everyone's hand and decide what we do and don't want to see.

I to like being told that I can't handle adult content in my adult oriented video game even though I'm an adult.

I'll be rewriting and updating the original post with additional information from other threads and re-organizing it for an easier read. I'll try to keep it updated as the discussion goes on.

This post is deleted!

@Archetype-Luna said in Can we not cut out anymore story scenes and stop it with censorship in general.:

I'll be rewriting and updating the original post with additional information from other threads and re-organizing it for an easier read. I'll try to keep it updated as the discussion goes on.

Don't forget to scrounge up every piece of missing content that we have. Maybe explain how x affects y somehow. Everything should be as neat as possible. Screenshots comparing episodes 1-4 so far from JP if possible, don't know how much work that'd be though.

@EternalChronicles No.

Defeatism never accomplished anything. If people gave up, then change is guaranteed to never happen, but if we keep trying, there is always a chance, no matter how slim. At the very least, we can potentially deter future censorship. It is our time to use and our prerogative to what we want to spend our time on. No one is forced to join these threads, participation is purely optional. Anyone who does not like the topic can simply choose to not click on these threads.

In fact, saying that this is pointless is actually against the Suggestion Forum Rules:

Valid responses to player suggestions would include agreements with the players sentiments (so we can see numbers) and additional justification if they have it. Those who disagree can respond, however only by sharing why they disagree. Please do not tell others things are "not possible," or that they are "wasting Sega's time."

I would ask that anyone participating in this thread be mindful of the rules and remain civil as to prevent the closure of this thread.

@Lintaur Well if I miss anything, I do ask that people tell me so I can add it; though I may take a day or two break from the forums after updating this so I can focus on gaming a bit more.

@Archetype-Luna I really really REALLY commend your willpower on this. Be it for this or that, so long as it's not for something evil, keep pushing towards your goals and keep presenting your opinion. As long as you keep it as such and not force it into the brains of others, your opinion is fully protected, fair, and nobody has any right to prevent you from expressing it.

I will maybe chip in here and there, though I already said my piece and have a thread buried somewhere around here with my thoughts. Which in short can be resumed to: While I believe in some kind of moderation of content because it's a different demographic that sees things differently, the current censorship was not the correct one, because monetization bias allowed the kinds of stuff I believe should have been censored to instead run rampant inside the game. And I say I, because this doesn't have to do with laws. It has to do with my own moral values and how I see the world after studying the facts and the reasons for things to be, as is the way I believe an opinion should be formed.

I also vouch for people understanding and respecting opposite opinions and refraining from toxic behavior. But I already know this behavior is being used to cancel and silence other opinions, and it is not something that should continue.

I noticed the censorship even without needing this list, I am a veteran of the JP version and I decided to play the Global version since SEGA has promised all the contents. From the very first moments of the game, I had only disappointments. When I then played EP4, I was simply shocked by the changes and cuts. The only thing I still hadn't noticed is the removal of the gender restricted doors in the Hotsprings Alliance Base, practically there enter men and women without distinction, wow, that's great, this is not censorship, this is the best hotspring. Thank you SEGA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I hope SEGA will bring everything back the game to its original state by the release of EP5. I am really disappointed, and I am not going to spend money and time on this version with false promises. I still want to give SEGA one last chance to rectify his mistakes. I'm waiting.

Censorship in anyway sucks. Give us the games/novels the ways the developers originally intended. It always sucks to lose any piece of a story as it was originally intended. Yes, even the beastiality in everyday down the rabbit hole had a purpose.

Ep 4 story was a mistake, a really big mistake, its not even pso style to begin with and really out of the picture

I dont mind the stupid bath scene dissapear, because it doesnt add or give anything, its not even funny

@Dragon-Cloud I personally saw it as them taking a chance with something different. I personally enjoy it a bit and others do as well; it is a matter of taste really. Some people enjoyed it; some didn't. Episode 4 was likely made more with a Japanese audience in mind due to the game not having any prospects of an English release at the time; so it makes sense for it to be divisive in terms of reception.

Also, personally, I did find the third bath scene to be quite hilarious.

@Dragon-Cloud Sega is famous (or notorious depending how you see it) for trying things others may be too shy to try. It's what got us Lock on tech to pair two Sonic cartridge games together. The virtua chip to make an aging console display surprisingly fast 3D polygons. In the game design section, it gave us nice moments through the Yakuza games, which are both a dash of seriousness and total silliness.

So of course, not everything will be good when trying such new things. Here they tried to get the world of PSO2 into modern Earth through something akin to the Isekai genre (though not a 1:1 representation of it). They tried to tell people that while they are here playing video games, there may be another planet out there having these quests. The narrative, of course, did not work well, and it ended up as at most a "meh" product in the end.

So while I am in a love/hate relationship with Sega atm, I know and understand how they are who they are, and hope they keep trying things no other company wants to do. As these new ground projects are the true way the gaming industry actually moves it's creativity forward.

I think they tried to appeal the crowd that was currently playin PSO2, which is already a big change in term of the saga.

Im not throwing rocks, its just that, from a PS point a view, and taste, ep 4 is just as you say, the usual Isekai, while being more cringe than wanted if I may say so.

Censorship is usually bad but... Is really a bath scene and "naked" model with kids that important? does it add something to the plot?

I like SEGA, but they usually dont say word with the other world and do as they please. sometimes its good, sometimes... well

Yakuza is awesome, and its cringiness is actually fun to watch because it plays with rl topics and taboos. Ep4 is just an isekai plain painful to me