Was playing along just fine yesterday doing some idle Rappy slots when I had an internet outage. Tried to log back in once internet came back up and I received this "Change your settings to play" message.

After some preliminary troubleshooting, I created a second MS account to see if that can log in to the game and it does that just fine so it's isolated to my primary account (Which also logs into Windows 10).

I do use PSO Tweaker as the MS Store refused to let me install the game anywhere but C drive - which is a small SSD and wouldn't house the game - and have been using it since the end of July when I first joined. The fact the second account plays just fine using Tweaker does not lead me to believe it's the culprit.

Went through a whole host of suggestions, ideas, and theories on this forum, Reddit, Xbox Live help, and youtube that haven't resolved this:

-Logged into Xbox Live account, changing every permission to Block (restarted PC in some cases) and then back to their default states they were before when PSO2 worked.

-Logged into Microsoft account, removing OXYNA permission, restarted PC, and tried to log in again (about 50 million times).

-Downloaded Xbox companion to try to edit permissions. Feel like I have bloatware on the machine now.

-Borrowed friend's Xbox to log into the Xbox account, edit account permissions, disassociated the account from the xbox, logged in again, and then tried get into PSO2 to receive the same error.

-Use the second MS account as a family manager to toggled permissions on the primary account (set to child).

-Went through the annoying task of ensuring Teredo works full time.

-Checked and made sure that Automatic sign in was disabled for Windows 10.

-Updated Windows 10 to 2004, firmware to latest available, and nvidia drivers to latest.

-Unlinked all devices save primary PC from MS account in case of interference.

-Installed Steam version, then realized I needed to get into the account in the first place to get the link to move it off of Xbox version. (Seriously, this is the best solution for linking accounts...? I know the game is old, but we do have more modern methods for this.)

-Reinstalled PSO2 just to rule out file corruption. Second account still works with it.

-Letting the game sit overnight and trying again later.

I did change my Xbox Gamertag last week, but I figure that if this permission thing was going to hit, it would have sooner than this.

Any ideas or suggestions on what to try? It's a bit frustrating to have sunk both time and money on PSO2 to receive such a show stopping error.