Crafting help

Just a few questions

  • Whats the point of getting the higher recipies for photon arts, does it change anything? *do you have to be level 20 to get pp/hp on unit pieces

Thanks for the help

PA higher level recipes gives more bonus and also with higher level you have better chances for making great success recipes

@Jamesmor what kind of bonus's im curious 🙂

@BoDy-l3ags It is primarily shorter cooldown and reducing the variance between minimum and maximum Type 1 and Type 2 effects of the craft (ie. higher chances of Great Success).

@AndrlCh ok, i highly appreciate the help!

one more thing once you get crafting to lvl 20 how do you add hp/pp to your units?

i managed to figure it out but apparently you need gold material but there is no units that give that atm