Redeeming the XboxUltimatePass perks onto PSO2 Steam?

So i have the Xbox Ultimate Gamepass, And i have the redeemable perk code for my Live account, But i want to redeem the Gamepass perk items onto my Steam PSO2 account. Is it possible? They really didn't make it to clear that it if its locked to the Windows Store Version of PSO2. As well i tired to activate the redeemable code through the Games>Activate a product on steam>X And it did not accept the redeemable code.

I don't think it is possible, since it needs redeemed on XBOX Live, not Steam. If you temporarily switch from Steam back to Windows or use an XBOX, you should be able to use the code, though, since it is supposed to just be a link for your MS Account to your Steam Account, rather than transferring from MS Account to Steam account. All Game Pass Ultimate Perks would be exclusive to XBOX and Microsoft Accounts by default, since it is a system that is a part of the Microsoft Store.

@Ragnawind Well i switched from Windows to Steam, And then found out about the rewards after i switched. I guess i just wont be able to redeem it on steam. Thanks for the info though.

hopefully they fix this... still hoping