Lilliparium All (Max) x 7 only gives 5 for 2700 AC.

I just bought 5150AC and bought the Lilliparium All (Max) x7 and only received 5 for 2700 AC. I feel ripped off as this was false advertising. I was supposed to get another 2 and didn't. Now I'm kinda annoyed because I wouldn't have bought the AC knowing that. Looks to be a typo on their end. This needs to be fixed. I would like to be compensated for 2 Lilliparium All (Max) or reimbursed extra AC.

Yeah, this is supposed to be 5 (thats what it is on JP) so I was confused why it said 7. So I bought it to check (I was gonna buy a pack regardless), and yes, it is 5. Which means this is false advertising.

This is... not a typo you want to make when it involves the monetization of the game. This needs a fix with compensation. I don't need it because I already knew what i was getting into, but everyone else who bought should be compensated as this is really not ok.

Yeah I was like wtf when this happened. I was about to buy another one then noticed I had only 5 and not the 7. But, yeah they definitely have to fix this. Where are the admins at? It's been more than a couple days now. They should have fixed this the same day emergency maintenance happened which was the day this was reported.