[Ship 2] Shady is recruiting! Social, helpful alliance with Discord!

Shadyis recruiting!

Anyone is welcome: Social, helpful, chill alliance founded by PSO Vets who came to PSO2. Discord included with voice, (soon to be) guides, etc for even further assistance.

For more casual players: We are always looking to assist in any way we can! Whether it be a simple question, or even tips/guides on various gameplay topics!

For more hardcore players: Our tree is thriving : Max RDR, Max Atk, Lvl 7 Meseta, Lvl 3 Def and EXP! Continuously looking to recruit to fill MPAs for efficient grinding of UQ, ultis, etc.

Come join an active, helpful, and chill community and rock the new content, Episode 4, in style!

PM me in game or on Discord!: Player ID: TheMogul Discord: TheMogul#0009

We look forward to assisting and hearing from you! Take care!

N/A. Just ignore it.