Enable an Auto-Kick for AFK'ing users during release week / major content additions.

it would help relieve server stress, and is what FFXIV does when they release new expansions for a week or three. The server will kick someone who hasn't done anything in the last 30 minutes.

In the JP version, the servers will not kick you. I've been online for over 8 hours once, not once did I get kicked overnight/etc. while I slept and AFK in the main lobby.

I mean, if they have the capacity to host that many connections and manage their server loads, then why add it? Has JP ever had issues where users were unable to log in because they were at capacity?

Then again, PSO (BB, Xbox, and maybe GC?) had auto-DC thresholds that you could increase but I don't think you could go over like an hour of inactivity.

yea, the lobbies are most likely different servers from the actual mission servers. if it was people afk leveling THAT would bother me, but just people looking at web sites until the next emergency quest doesnt phase me. if there IS some kind of strain being caused on the servers sure, though at that point they could disable the chat servers too as far as im concerned.

I agree to this. If Microsoft cant get up enough servers for any expected player count. AFK-Kick would be beneficial to make things smoother while they evaluate the situation and add more servers as needed.

I disagree on the basis that there are times when you have to go inactive such as when nature calls or you want to take a shower 🚿 and it is just plain irritating to have to log back in