Redo the Fresh Finds Shop please.

I feel the Fresh Finds Shop should be reconsidered. The fresh finds shop as it is is unneeded to me as I feel like we should have a storefront with the same items, even if they are marked up SLIGHTLY from what they are now, with a rotating sale of a select amount of goods similar to the current fresh finds. I do not think the items should be exclusively sold and restricted to specific periods as this causes more problems than it really helps anyone.

There is a lot of uncertainty about fresh finds items already and I think the system should be redone. Missing out on a day or two can cause someone to miss out on a cosmetic they desired greatly and if all of the goods were available at all times there would be more sales overall I'm certain. I would definitely consider buying a lot more cosmetics if they were available in a store format instead of a restrictive rotating list.

I agree, though, I think they should be even cheaper, and make the shop sell 2 of each item. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of items. A cheaper price would allow even more people to purchase them, possibly a larger amount than people who even considered it at the original price, SEGA may end up with the same amount of profit, but with many more players happy. At the most, I feel like they should all be the minimum cost of the original method to obtain it in the Japanese version:

SG Scratch Item = 80 SG (~$4) AC Scratch Item = 40 SG (~$2) FUN Scratch Item = I guess some Meseta

Though, again I feel like it could be even lower. $2-$4 for 1 digital cosmetic item, or $40 for those SG Sale sets are both quite extreme, in my opinion. Yes, some SG can be acquired for free, but most of it is one-time and even with the addition of Battle and Casino SG, it still pails in comparison with the potential near 2000 SG a week that the Japan version could get. And NA has way more things asking for SG, more expensive too.

Also develop similar shops for all past Mission Pass items, rather than cluttering up the current Mission Passes, with an exchange rate of 1 Mission Pass Badge for 1 item, as that's the value that's been played on them when being passed up in the Pass itself. And a shop for all past AC Scratch items, possibly a long time after the original scratch has ended, as it would effect the in game economy. Keeping most things gone forever, as the last ones are bought off the market, or only bringing them back after years seems like a waste. As well as a shop for all past event exchanges, as that is an actual thing that does is in the in Japanese version, though NA didn't get a shop for it after the Independence Day Event event ended, making any leftover Glory Badges useless.

Fresh Finds is just ridiculous, and every time it breaks and has to be taken down it exposes that these items were meant to be tradable in the first place because they existed in JP's AC Scratch.

It's the biggest embarrassment of the NA release.