Make Hero Class style Martial Arts Class (Knuckle + Jet Boots)

@NeoApocalypseMatheusX Not yet. Hero comes with Episode 5, Phantom comes with the first part of Episode 6, Etoile comes in a later part of Episode 6, and Luster comes some time after that.

knuckle boots and bow

Considering the whole basically resolved darker/falspawn thing i assume as of the end of episode 6 and the start of New Genesis.

what if the Knuckle and jet boots but also possibly summoner class is like something like

"Falz Master" where you use Dark blast like abilities as an actual class, the knuckles and jet boots work like hunar and the summoner like apprentice as to summon tamed dark falz to help you.

If it has smart PA's like Luster it could even do alot of unique things while also still allowing the switch between weapons to be easier.

but this is all just probably a pipe dream although it'd be cool.