Make Hero Class style Martial Arts Class (Knuckle + Jet Boots)

So to be spoiler free, in JP version there is already new type of advanced classes post Episode 5-6. They are the following:

  • Hero (Sword, TMG, Talis)
  • Phantom (Rod, Katana, Assault Rifle)
  • Etoile (Double Saber, Soaring Blade, Wand)

I would love to see something like a full time martial arts advanced class using the following:

  • Knuckles
  • Jet Boots
  • Insert Third item: Can be Partisan or Rod

Adding more advanced classes will give more people to encourage playing this game but also give other new variety option on what classes they want to play.

That would be AWESOME! I was thinking a Ninjutsu Style Class that uses Twin Daggers, Katana, and Talis