My windows store version is totally broken, how can I access my character/account on steam version?

My microsoft store version of the game broke after a laptop restart. I tried all the steps but the game will not uninstall, allow a repair, or reinstall. Steam version installed fine, but how can I link my account where I had about half the lasses to 75?

You get a dialogue box when you enter a ship that asks you if you want to link your microsoft account. Clicking Yes will ask for the code from the Microsoft Store version of the game.

IF YOU CLICK NO on the dialogue box, you will be permanently unable to link your account. Clicking BACK doesn't matter and won't lock you out.

You are told this on the dialogue box that if you click no you will be permanently unable to link the account. It's also said on this news announcement too:


right, I need to find my code to link my Steam to my Microsoft version. But my Microsoft version is broken and cannot be uninstalled, repaired, or installed. So here I am on the forums to try and get a fix. I have submitted multiple support tickets over the last 3 weeks but never gotten a response from any of them.

Go to C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps and delete the pso2_bin folder.

Download 7-zip, and run it as an administrator. While in 7-zip navigate to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MutableBackup and delete everything in there. (If there's nothing inside, ignore it.)

Restart the system, and the Windows 10 / MS Store version should be uninstalled now.

@coldreactive this worked I have my account back finally. Thanks!