Please Disable Chat while in Battle Arena / PvP

Final Fantasy XIV had to do this too at some point because people were demeaning others / etc. all the time. Please do this pre-emptively in PSO2NA so you don't have to do it later. I already had a couple people do this in my first ever match in PvP.

This is PVP culture in a nutshell though. I am surprised they didn't see this coming..

Or you can go and disable chat for yourself before joining a pvp match. I always do it during concerts so I know its not impossible.

I agree I would be more interested in pvp If I didnt have to disable chat each time I want to do it. I'm not really into the mean side of PvP, I just want to have fun without having to worry about that stuff.

Heads up if you meet someone that say "It's rage quit time" before the match start just go ahead and block me. I am pvp chat cancer if one person lag sweep my team.

i expected this happen to me pretty often but for some reason it didnt yet

and its not like i havent been thrown in really bad teams, because seriously i have been on way many terrible ones, no one yet stopped to spam toxicity yet

I haven't experienced this yet but surprised I haven't. I don't want the chat disabled, personally.