Crafting UI Info Messy

I was looking at the UI for some of the crafting stuff, and it's kind of a hot mess to look at. The spacing is all over the place, there are dashes next to negatives and positives. It's not terrible after you get used to it, but learning crafting on top of looking at whatever is going on here just showed me that it wasn't polished first and I'd feel bad for a brand new steam player trying to get used to the initial UI on top of being thrown into this.

Hopefully the next patch can clean this up a bit.

So is this PP Cost -10 to -1 ? Why is there a whole space between the negative and the number..? Then Charge Time for some reason doesn't have those spaces at all?


Actually I just found this and it's much easier to read. It looks like the Tweaker version of the JP client so I don't know if Aida fixed this or if the JP client text just makes this easier to look at instead of having double negatives next to each other.