I experienced a lost of friends in my "friends list" after switching my account to steam. When this information was released about account linking. The current info sounded like a merger of both accounts... So that you keep all data right? Well not the friends' data... Even this website https://pso2.com/news/announcements/steamlinkaccounts ; didn't give any warning in red letters. This means I have to search for all my friends again... and add them. I feel a little sorry for those social players.

So why can't we keep our cross-platform Xbox services on Steam? Is it really hard to least keep my Xbox user name info in my Arks ID? Could my Xbox friends still see me online and playing while on steam? This wasn't clear about account linking when news was release.

I hope, we could get a true merger of accounts before other platforms are added to the game. So, I hope our social networks don't fall apart from everyone in different platforms.