Fresh Finds

Is the fresh finds shop down? I haven't been able to access it since yesterday.

I know the feeling. Saw soming from the 1 day spot, really wanted, and guessing it wont come back up. Been waiting for a long time for it to come back online, but nothing yet. Anyone have any idea what really happened to it, would be nice.

So is it like this for everyone? They'll pause the rotation of items if it's down for everyone, right? Have the Devs/Capcom released a statement about this?

This just goes completely belly up after every single patch.

Bad enough the PC crowd getting screwed out of the first few months of items, and everyone getting screwed by them being character/account locked, but the hits just keep on coming.

It's been 2 weeks, fix this nonsense. You're losing money every day your shop is closed.

Edit: Apparently it's closed because the current offerings are supposed to be tradeable or conflict with current scratch offs, and rather than fix the problem they are just closing the shop until the bad offerings rotate away.

Honestly, the untradeable nonsense makes me sick. There's a whole load of junk that was released before the PC version opened, so sucks to be stuck in that crowd where all those items are completely unobtainable now.

To say nothing of all the trash I can't use from the mission pass, and would love to just give away to people who would use it...

Can we please fix fresh finds? Its been down over 2 weeks and thats just a load of crap by the devs. It could of and should of been fixed weeks ago.

Patience please. "Soon."