Goodbye for now.

I think it's only fair to state I won't be coming back to PSO2. Sega has decided to continue to be incompetent, making things convoluted and difficult, if not impossible. I could install PSO2 on Steam and start over but I am not going to. I am invested on the Xbox/PC version. I won't be installing 2 copies of the game just so I can transfer. I am tired of how Sega treats it's non JP customers and PSO2 isn't all that great anyway (in my opinion). I may return to PSO2 when Sega gets their act together in the future (maybe next year with the new version).

I'd just like to note that Aida at Arks-Layer that provides the Tweaker have the single install for both MS store and Steam version and allow switching between both of them.

I understand if you don't wish to use 3rd party program and if you still intend to go - good luck in your other ventures.

The syncing wasn't so bad, at least for me. the Steam version has been giving me grief on my laptop while the MS store one works fine, while one of my desktops Steam version works fine and the MS store one is a disaster.

As such, I use the MS store one on my laptop but steam on the one desktop and the levels/items/completed client orders is all synced properly between the two.

Is it perfect? No. Once I figure out the issues with Steam on my laptop, I'll be removing the MS store one and that'll be that.

But you don't have to start over on Steam if you were using the NA MS Store version.

Drama over your failure to read prompts and botching your account-link aside, you can always just keep playing on the faux-msstore install via tweaker and not have the install implode on itself.

Why do you post that you are quitting?

Is there any information content for the community?

Do you think anybody cares?